Tampa to Orlando

by Meghann on August 5, 2011

Hellloooooo from I4.   


I’ve made the trip from Tampa to Orlando about a bajillion times in the past three years. I could tell you where the speed traps are (Lakeland area), where to expect traffic (the stretches for Disney and Mall of Millenia), which exits have Starbucks (19, 33, 55 & Kissimmee), and which Starbucks are 24 hrs ( 19 & Kissimmee). I’m telling you – I know this route like the back of my hand.

Derek and I are heading to Orlando today because tomorrow my little sister is graduating from UCF with her masters in anthropology. Whoop! Whoop!


FLASHBACK – Check out this oldie – but, a goodie – post from when Kelly graduated from FSU in 2009!

They grow up way too fast, don’t they?!



Here’s a post from my little brother’s high school graduation from the same year….


And my twin bro’s graduation from Medical School this past May.


What a difference two years can make, right?


We weren’t in too much of a hurry getting out of town today, so we took our time packing up and showering before heading out.

We stopped in Ybor on our way out of town for lunch at Carmine’s.


We were just going to get two sandwiches to go (since we had Maddie), but the owner was super sweet and let us sit outside with her at their window/bar area.


Carmine’s is famous for their Cubans, so that’s exactly what we ordered.


1/2 a Cuban with no mayo for me


A full Cuban for Derek


And a fresh order of amazing hand cut fries to share


Seriously. These fries rocked. I think the ratio was 3 fries Meghann to 1 fry Derek. 😉

Want to know how to bribe your man into driving the entire 2 hour trip?


Offer him up your free Starbucks drink coupon for it. Hook. Line. And sinker.


Derek used the coupon for a Venti Coffee Frappuccino (go big or go home?)


Then I forked over my own $$ for a Grande Mocha Light Frappuccino. Gotta start working on earning the stars for my next free drink, right? 😉


No Starbucks for Maddie, but she does get the whole backseat to herself.


She can’t wait to play with her cousin Oliver and Sadie tonight! She’s saving up all her energy to play extra hard! 🙂

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