40 Miles or Bust

by Meghann on August 26, 2011

Nothing like a 40 mile bike ride to kick the day off with a bang!


Woo hoo! ๐Ÿ™‚

A couple of things to note about this ride:

  • I wore my new tri-suit and felt completely comfortable the whole time
  • Long bike rides are boring. I was super jealous of the guy who biked by with a speaker attached to his seat.
  • I believe I saw my first live armadillo walking alongside the trail (though I’m sure it was on it’s way to looking like all the others I’ve seen in my lifetime)
  • Checking emails during a pitstop is one way to turn a 2 minute break into a 10 minute one. Opps.
  • 16 more miles?! Pshh…. I’ve got this. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Honestly, I wasn’t feeling the ride at first. I got to mile 5 and couldn’t believe I still had 15 more until the turn around point. I tried to zone out, focus on the road and try to wrap my head around a few projects I have coming up. Eventually my body caved in and just took to riding the bike, like it would to driving car. It felt natural.

At the turn around I had a Quaker Chewy bar while checking e-mails and watching pretty horses in the distance. The trail goes on for miles and miles through country roads and farmlands. It’s a very serene ride, especially when you get close to the pretty horses.

I left in the dimness of sunrise and returned to clear blue skies. It was shaping up to be a beautiful day. ๐Ÿ™‚

I fueled up before the ride with a Key Lime Mix1 from my HLS swag bag.


The flavor was discontinued, which is a shame because I thought it was pretty good. I enjoyed the tart key lime flavor blended in the thick protein shake form. Key limes never get the love they deserve outside of south Florida. ๐Ÿ™‚

Breakfast was a quick and easy HLS inspired bowl of cereal.


Let’s see how many HLS freebies I can cram in one bowl?!

  • Erewhon Brown Rice Crispies w/ Mixed Berries <– coupon from Attune
  • Quaker Life Cereal <– not a freebie, but Quaker rocked as a lead sponsor
  • Warrior Crunch Granola <– freebie from Nuts About Granola
  • Stonyfield Plain Yogurt <– coupon from Stonyfield
  • Blueberries <– Not a freebie, but don’t they look good?!
  • Barney Butter <– sample packet


Thanks to Healthy Living Summit, I think I’m good on cereal and granola bars for a while. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Alright, time to get to work.

See ya!

p.s. we weren’t the biggest fans of Limitless last night. Too many plot holes to hold our attention.

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