Tallahassee Oct 08

I Made It

by Meghann on October 24, 2008

Greetings Blog World!

You should all be happy to know that I made it safe and sound to Tallahassee. I am currently in my Sister’s apartment sitting with the Fam and playing the catch up game.

The ride up was just like any other 4 hour car ride, long and boring. Can you believe I used to make this drive like twice a month last year? I must have been crazy. Thankfully I wasn’t the one driving this time. I had the luxury of relaxing in the back of my parent’s Expedition, reading my Self magazine and watching some trashy movie. I also enjoyed a couple of naps (put me in a car for longer then 20 minutes and you will find me snoozing).

I ended up making it to my parent’s house earlier this afternoon with out a need for any snacks and the soup held me over so well that I only needed a small handful of Pumpkin Seeds to make it to dinner.


I had a little of the Salty, Spicy & Sweet mingling in my hand. It was actually a great mixture of flavors to eat all three at once.

Gainesville is the perfect halfway point between my parent’s house and Tallahassee so we tend to always stop there to stretch our legs and grab a bite to eat. We chose to have dinner at McCalister Deli, a big favorite of my family.

I had the Sweetberry Chicken Sandwich with a Fruit Cup.


The Sweetberry Chicken Sandwich is basically a chicken sandwich with cranberry sauce on it. How can you go wrong with that? I need to start adding jellies on my chicken sandwiches at home, it adds a great sweet touch. The sandwich is suppose to come with mayo, but I subbed it with honey mustard instead.


My parent’s had a HUGE bag of Halloween candy sitting out for future Trick or Treaters so I grabbed a grabbed a couple of pieces and had them when my sweet tooth was crying uncle after dinner.


I plan on waking up early tomorrow and having a nice long run around campus. Let’s cross our fingers there’s no rain. 🙂

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