Savage Race


by Meghann on August 28, 2011

Last night Derek and I were invited over to his parents’ house for homemade picadillo ( a traditional Cuban dish consisting of ground beef, capers, raisins, tomato sauce, and olives). Derek has a slight obsession with good Cuban food (I think that’s a byproduct of growing up in Tampa) and never turns down the chance for a good Cuban meal, especially one by his mom (who isn’t Cuban, but knows how to cook like one ๐Ÿ™‚ ).


I had never had picadillo before, but was impressed with the mix of great flavors (you know my love for raisins!). I loaded my plate up with a serving of picadillo, cuban bread, plantains, avocado, and salad.


And promptly cleaned my plate. Nothing better than a home cooked meal that you didn’t prepare yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

Derek’s parents are heading to Italy next month (super jealous!) and had purchased some gelato in honor of their up coming trip. I had a scoop of the dark chocolate and pistachio, but I know it’s no where near as good as what they’re going to have in Italy.


We called it an early night and headed home just about the time Derek’s eyes started growing heavy on the couch.

This morning I awoke to rain, rolled over, and slept 30 more minutes hoping it would blow over. It did. Sort of.

I laced up my running shoes hoping to get my long run in for the week, but just putting the shoes on brought instant pain from the lovely blisters that formed during yesterday’s Savage Race. Darn you, cheap shoes!

I pushed through it and did what I could before the rain started coming down again. When it got to the point that I couldn’t see 5 feet in front of me, I knew it was time to turn around and head home. I think managing 5 out of 10 miles with blistered feet and heavy rain isn’t bad. I’ll take it!

Back home I made french toast for breakfast.


Topped with heated cinnamon peaches and Love Grown Granola (HLS swag bag).


The perfect Sunday morning meal. ๐Ÿ™‚

I had a few questions about the photos I took during yesterday’s Savage Race.


The camera was my Fuji FinePix WP (featured in this post). It doesn’t take the best quality of photos, but the fact that it’s waterproof makes it a winner for races, water parks, and snorkeling in the keys.

Can’t wait to use it on my cruise in October. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The camera stayed in my hand the entire race. I wore my SpiBelt, just in case, but never ended up needing it.

I did take a lot of yesterday’s photos on my own (I’m the queen of self portraits), but I also relied on the kindness of volunteers along the way. Never be afraid to ask someone on the side to take your photo during a race, a lot of the time they’re more than happy to snap away. It’s also a great conversation starter for fellow runners!

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