Peachy Keen

by Meghann on September 19, 2008

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is as excited for the upcoming weekend as I am. Lately my weekends have been jammed pack, which is fine with me. I love being on the go all weekend, its so much better then sitting at my desk all week for work.

I also love the weekend, because it means longer time for running. Since I try to run before work during the week I usually only have about an hour and at my pace is usually no more then 5 miles. But on the weekend I get to step it up and see what distance I can reach before my body can’t take it anymore. I have two great long runs planned for Saturday and Sunday! They’re the last long runs I can fit in to my schedule before my 15k next weekend.

Here are my stats from this morning’s run:

Time: 54 min 23 secs

Distance: 5.24 miles

(I’ve decided not to include the calories burned estimates anymore, until I get an HRM I really don’t trust the stats they provide online)


This morning’s cereal creation was another experiment.



I decided to puree a peach in my food processor, before adding it to the cereal. It came out with the same mushy texture as my applesauce that I usually add on top. I combined the pureed peach with ½ cup of Kashi Go Lean, ¾ cup of Kashi Heart to Heart, and a handful of grapes. A great morning combo.




I really liked the idea of pureeing the peach before adding it to the cereal. It mixed so well and every piece of cereal had a little bit of peach attached to it. I think I’m going to experiment with pureeing more types of fruit before adding them to my cereal.


Countodown minus 8 hours until the weekend!

Does anyone have anything fun planned?


As I said above, my weekend outlook is pretty filled.

Friday – Laundry, Bloggers Dinner (!)

Saturday – Long run, Shopping!, Picking my Mommy up from the airport, Driving to my parents

Sunday – Long run, baking, family birthday party, back to o-town, grocery shopping, relaxing



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