Painting Maddie

by Meghann on September 7, 2011

Have you heard? Corn tortillas are the new hot dog buns?


At least they are in this household. Especially when there is not hot dog bun to be found. 😉


One left over apple chicken sausage on top of one corn tortilla with spinach and ketchup.


Hey! It works. 😉

With two mini pickles


And pretzels with mustard.


Paint Your Pet

The other week I registered for a ‘Paint Your Pet Class’ at Painting with a Twist in South Tampa. I had so much fun the last time I took a painting class at the studio (see post here), that I’ve stayed on the mailing list waiting for something else to catch my attention. When the class popped up – I knew I had to take it.

The class isn’t until next weekend, but yesterday I received this e-mail –

Thank you for your reservation for the Paint Your Pet class next Sunday afternoon. We need for you to send us a color photo of your pet so that our artists can prepare a sketch for you to paint. We need to have all of the photos in to our artists by no later than this Saturday, 9/10 to allow sufficient time for them to prepare all of the sketches.

A photo of our pet, so the artists can prepare a sketch? Hmm…for some reason I had this vision of us bringing our pets in and painting freehand. Obviously, I severely overestimated my painting skills. Ha! The more I think about it, the more having an artist sketch out a photo of our pet ahead of time makes way more sense.

Of course, now I have to actually select a photo to sketch. Which, shouldn’t be too hard, seeing as I have a bajillion photos of Maddie.


And who wouldn’t? Look at that face!

The only question is…. which photo should I choose?

Let’s see, there’s…

Puppy Maddie


Food stealing Maddie


‘Mama stop putting me in embarrassing clothes’ Maddie


Sleeping Maddie


And crazy Maddie


I mean.those are my personal favorites, but probably not the right ones.

Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to of ones that might work:







Narrowing it down to three was TOUGH, but picking one out of those? Forget it!

That’s where I need your help. Which photo should I bring into be painted?

A? B? or C?

The final product should be… interesting to say the least. 😉

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