Greek yogurt for the win!

by Meghann on December 9, 2011

Happy Friday friends!

Today was strength training Friday. I hit the gym a little after 6:30 this morning and started on New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 5B. Just like with Stage 5A, this stage was LONG. I mean, four sets with 120 second rests in between each set is just too long. I was pacing more than I was lifting and was just plain bored at times. I did start at some pretty heavy weights thanks to the total of 4 reps in each set, but even that wasn’t enough to keep me focused.

All I know is Stage 5 is going to go at a snail’s pace and I’m already looking forward to moving on from it. Please, please don’t tell me it’s just going to keep getting longer. eekk :/

Post-lifting I really wanted eggs, not because they sounded appealing (they didn’t), but because I I wanted a high protein meal. Then I remembered we didn’t have any bread and eggs without bread made the eggs sound even less appealing than they already were. What I really wanted was something sweet, like cereal, so that’s what I had.


Now what you don’t see under that cereal is 3/4 cup of plain Chobani greek yogurt that I mixed with pumpkin and pumpkin spice then topped with some Uncle Sam’s (1/4 cup), Cinnamon Life (1/2 cup), and apple (it was one of the tiny apples).


3/4 cup plain Chobani greek yogurt = 18 g protein

2 eggs = 12 g of protein

Greek yogurt for the win!

I’ve been writing about my struggles with upping my protein for weeks now. It’s taking time, but I’m slowly learning and have been making a conscious effort to make it work.

(these are all ROUGH estimates)


  • Breakfast: 2 Tbsp Peanut Butter 8g protein
  • Lunch: 1/2 cup Rotisserie Chicken 20g protein
  • Dinner: 4 oz Pork Chop 23 g protein

Total: 51 g


  • Breakfast: 1/2 cup Greek Yogurt 14g protein
  • Lunch: 1/4 cup Rotisserie Chicken 10g protein + 3 Tbsp Hummus 3g protein
  • Snack: 2 Tbsp Peanut Butter 8g protein
  • Dinner: Bean Soup 15 g protein + Duck 16g protein

Total: 66 g


  • Breakfast: 1/3 cup Oatmeal 8g protein + 3 Tbsp 5g protein
  • Lunch: 1 cup Black Beans 15 g protein + 1/4 cup cheese 7g protein
  • Dinner: 2 Meat Balls 16 g protein

Total: 51 g

I’m aiming for roughly 55g – 65g of protein a day, so I’m happy with these very rough estimates (I’m sure I’m leaving out plenty of things with additional protein in it, like the milk in my smoothie on Wednesday or the cheese and milk from my creamy sauce with last night’s dinner or whole wheat ravioli. Again, very very very rough estimates here!)

I’ve also upped the veggies, but kept a respected amount of carbs in for good measure. I’m not counting calories and I’m not saying no to frozen yogurt (oh, yeah. another thing I left out of the protein count 😉 ), but I’m being mindful of portions.

Working to keep a balanced/happy diet isn’t something that ever goes away (I’ll probably always be reminding myself to eat more protein, etc), but I’m ok with that. Life wouldn’t be much fun if we always got everything right, would it. 😉

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