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Our Favorite Things: 2 Years Old

by Meghann on November 29, 2017

It’s that time of year again!  The time when everyone is scrambling to find the perfect gift for kids of all ages. Below are some gift recommendations for the two year olds in your life based off of what’s currently loved in our house.

Purple Hippo Book

Full Disclosure: I was sent this book for free in exchange for a review. However, we ended up loving it so much, that I just ordered two more as Christmas gifts for our youngest nephews. It’s become a favorite read in our house and Annalynn loves reading (or at least simply recognizing) her full name on the cover. Thanks to this book, if you ask her what her name is she will happily state “Annalynn Russell!”

Purple Hippo Books began as a labor of love, as most Etsy shops do. The crazy- talented founder began designing adorable name books for each of her nieces and nephew.  They were such a hit that she decided to make a go at selling them to a broader audience online.


Each Purple Hippo Book features a custom story that tells the story of how the child got their name. The simple, rhyming tale is perfect for keeping a toddler’s attention span. The artwork is bright, colorful, and makes me smile every time I look at it. We’re also going through a big animal stage around here, so Annalynn loves making the corresponding animal noises as they appear on each. Hats off to the designer for her originality when it came to spelling out Annalynn. It’s not easy to come up with animals for 4 ‘n’s, but she make it work with some creative adjectives.

If you’re looking for an adorable custom book for your favorite toddler, I highly recommend a Purple Hippo Book. It’s a great learning tool, fun read, and personalized just for them. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.


I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but it’s worth repeating – especially since I receive a handful of messages inquiring about the car every time I post a video of Annalynn riding hers in my insta-stories. The car was originally a gift for our niece for her second birthday a few years ago. When she outgrew it, it was handed down to Annalynn and has since become a favorite toy. It’s meant to move on its own – basically the rider would use the force of wiggling the staring wheel back and forth to get it to move forward, but Annalynn hasn’t quite figured that part out yet. Instead, she uses her feet to move it along and has honestly gotten pretty good with it. She’s always doing loops around the house and can pretty much stop and turn on a dime at this point. It’s her favorite rideable toy and I love that it keeps her active and moving. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Doc McStuffins’ Hospital Doctor Bag Set

My daughter is a HUGE Doc McStuffins fan. She loves the show, the characters, the songs – everything about it. My parents gave her the Doctor Bag for her birthday a couple of months ago and it quickly became a playroom favorite. We taught her how to use all the equipment and now she loves to give mommy, daddy, and the dog regular checkups. She thinks it’s hilarious. Even better, she had her annual checkup not too long ago and was very comfortable with all the tools the doctor used. Where she used to crouch in fear when the doctor looked in her ear, now she simply recognized it as part of a game she plays at home. For that reason alone I believe the Doctor Bag has been a success.

Bell Shell Bike Child Carrier

Derek purchased the child’s bike seat earlier this year, and it has since gotten a lot of use. We have a little trail by our house that’s perfect for family bike rides. Annalynn has her good days and bad days in the seat (you can’t expect a two year old to be perfect all the time), but overall it’s been a huge success. I’m just sad that it’s dark in the evenings now so we can’t take her out after work again until the spring.

Also, I should probably note that we had originally ordered a seat that connects to the back of the bike (this one). It’s similar to the style we each had as a kid and felt we would be more comfortable with her on the back of the bike. However, we weren’t able to make the seat work due to the permanent rack on the back of Derek’s cruiser. So we returned the original seat and, after reading several reviews to find the best option, purchased one for the front. We were pretty nervous with the front seat at first, but honestly, now I think I prefer it. It’s actually pretty awesome to have her right in front of me and she loves being out in the front. If you’re nervous with the front seat – don’t be.

Crayola Color Wonder Markers & Coloring Books

My little artist loves to color and can entertain herself for at least 30 minutes (which is HUGE in toddler world) with a coloring book and markers. We’re big fans of the color wonder markers and coloring books in this house and have gone through about a dozen in the last year. I love that the markers only color on the color wonder paper (especially when she tries to color Maddie or the carpet) and she loves that the coloring books feature all of her favorite Disney Junior characters.

So those are a few of our two year old’s favorite items. Do you have anything to add to the list?

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1 Meagan November 29, 2017 at 10:16 pm

Playing doctor was pretty much my FAVE thing to do as a kid and that lasted til I was probably close to 10 years old. My other favorite activity was playing in a toy kitchen or creating my own store — hours of entertainment!
Meagan recently posted..Thanksgiving Snapshots

2 Amanda November 30, 2017 at 9:43 am

Thank you so much, Meghann!! This is such a nice post to read! I love hearing about how much fun kids have with my books. Always makes me smile 🙂 Annalynn is adorable!

3 Linda @ The Fitty November 30, 2017 at 10:31 am

I would add to the list a stress ball! For when she gets frustrated, so she can have something to squeeze.
Linda @ The Fitty recently posted..Looking Back on Semester 1… | The Private Diary of an Actress in Training

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