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Haven’t Been This Sore In A While

by Meghann on July 10, 2017

Man, am I sore today! Everything hurts. My arms hurt, my legs hurt, it hurts to laugh, it hurts to sit, and a co-worker had to help me out of a bean bag chair in the conference room because my legs almost gave out when I tried to do it myself (it was a hilarious moment, I can assure you).

I haven’t been this sore in a while, and I have a great full weekend of fun activities to thank for it.

On Saturday, Annalynn and I met up with some friends at Altitude Tampa, a local indoor trampoline park. My friends had been previously with their toddler and had a blast during the dedicated toddler time. It’s also a great deal. Toddler time is free for kids under the age of 2, and only $2 for accompanying adults. I did have to pay $2 for trampoline socks for both Annalynn and myself, but our total for the outing only came to $6.75, and that’s including the purchase of the socks – talk about a bargain!

I’ve only been to one other trampoline park before, and I have to say, Altitude Tampa blew that one out of the water. The massive set-up was really impressive and included a dodgeball court, basketball courts, rock wall, jumping pit, trapeze swing, battle beam, and a sectioned off kid’s zone that’s only open to kids 5 and under. There was plenty to do, not only for the toddlers, but the big kids (aka the adults) as well. As soon as we got there, Felipe ran off towards the trapeze swing and I immediately followed. From there we went to the rock climbing wall, the jumping pit, and more. It didn’t take long to build up a sweat, and know that I was going to be sore in the morning!

The kids also had a blast. While Felipe and I attempted to injure ourselves, they followed us around  getting into their own trouble with Jessica. They had fun jumping, going on the slide, shooting basketballs, following us into the foam pits, and walking the balance beam. Annalynn had a blast and wasn’t ready to leave when it was time to go. She probably would have kept walking back and forth on the balance beam all day if I let her.

All the jumping gave us both a workout. We definitely can’t wait to return, and next time I’m making Derek go with us!

On Sunday, I met my co-workers at Camp Tampa for our first blend class. We all had a free first-class voucher we wanted to use and had heard a lot of great things about the niche fitness center. Camp Tampa specialized in blend workout classes and offer a handful of various combinations that vary between their circuit, cycling, and yoga studios. We chose the Cycling/Circuit option, which included 30 minutes of cycling followed by 30 minutes of circuit training.


By the way, I absolutely LOVE the branding of Camp Tampa! Check out their website and social channels. I love the overall summer camp theme and thing they do a phenomenal job of carrying it across all platforms, but it’s even better at the actual location.

The 30 minutes cycling class was fast and brutal. Warm up? What warm-up? It pretty much kicked straight into high gear. There was a good mix of hill and speed work, and I had to keep reminding myself it was only 30 minutes – I’m not sure I would have lasted longer than that.

Once cycling was over, we headed straight to the circuit room for a down-and-dirty bootcamp style workout. Again, there was no messing around here – the instructor got right to it and we had 30 minutes of non-stop moving that included some weight squat, treadmill sprints, burpees, and ab work. The intense, explosive workout reminded me of my Crossfit days and I loved it. I didn’t realize how much I missed that style of workout until I was in the thick of it.

In fact, I left that class 100% inspired to try and replicate these workouts at home. I ordered a slam ball off of Amazon from the parking lot of Camp Tampa and dug out some of my old weights and other gear from the garage. I’m pumped and motivated to start doing more boot camp workouts in my driveway.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy about Camp Tampa was the lack of a cool down at the end. It just sort of stopped and that was it. I did some stretches on my own and walked a bit to get my heart rate to come back down.

Unfortunately Camp Tampa is nowhere near when I live (it’s a 30 minute drive), so this was one-time thing, but I’m definitely glad I tried it and got to see what all the fuss was about. Maybe they’ll start franchising and I’ll get one in my neck of the woods? A girl can hope!

1 Lindsay July 10, 2017 at 3:14 pm

No fair! Our Altitude location only has toddler time on weekdays, so we have never been able to go. Looks like Annalynn loved it!

2 Linda @ The Fitty July 10, 2017 at 3:34 pm

Sore muscles = happy pain! The only pain that’s welcomed and probably good for you. 🙂
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3 Kelsey @ So Much Life July 11, 2017 at 10:03 am

Oh my gosh – that’s a LOT of workout in one weekend, haha! I love those trampoline parks, but I haven’t been to one in about 5 years. (It’s hard to justify it when I don’t have kids of my own – I’d just be that creepy adult who shows up to play at trampoline park!)
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4 Stacey July 16, 2017 at 12:55 pm

I love trampoline parks! They are a fantastic workout that don’t feel like a workout at all. I’m pretty fit, but can also barely walk the day after playing around in one.
I laughed when I read that a 30 minute drive is “nowhere near where you live.” Where I live, it seems like everything (grocery store, gym, etc) is at least 30 minutes away simply due to location, not traffic. It’s just funny what you get used to. I get it, though. It’s tough to hop in the car and drive to workout when running out your front door is so much more convenient.

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