Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekend Vibes

by Meghann on June 26, 2017

It’s Monday! Time to reminisce over the weekend.

We’ve officially reached the rainy season in Florida, which translates to rain, rain, and more rain on a daily basis. Luckily we caught a break with the weather over the weekend and actually had some sunshine in the forecast. It was still hot, hot, hot – but we managed to stay cool.

Friday Night

Derek was out at happy hour with some co-workers, so it was just the girls on Friday night. We played, had dinner, and then decided to take an impromptu trip to Jeremiah’s for Italian Ice. This was the first time we’ve taken a random trip out for dessert after dinner and it felt a little adventurous to break the rules and stay out past bedtime. We split a peanut butter ice and Annalynn loved every bite.


Our morning started out with swim class.

We switched to the parent-free class back in April and – in full disclosure – it’s been a bit of a struggle. We were told the first couple of classes would be difficult as she adjusted to mom not being in the pool anymore, but a “couple of weeks” turned into a “couple of months.” She does great with all of the skills in the water (girl can kick like a champ and loves to swim to the wall), but she doesn’t like waiting her turn and pretty much cries the rest of the class. I thought it was getting better, but we had a bit of a set-back with some tears this week.

She loves the water, I think she’s still getting used to mom not being there. She also has her mom’s strong will power and big lungs.

While Annalynn and Derek stayed home to nap, I met my friend Jess for a mom’s day out. We got pedicures, had lunch, and tried the new Hyppo Ice Pop place I’ve been dying to try (FYI – the champagne mango popsicle was top notch!).

It’s been FOREVER since we hung out and it was so nice to soak up some girlfriend time. Of course, we talked about our kids the entire time because that’s what moms do.

(p.s. top was from Le Tote and I’m obsessed with it!)

I got home just after nap time and we headed back out to a local spashpad to let Annalynn burn off some energy.

After that it was a pretty crazy night of falling asleep to HGTV on the couch. We are party animals!


I dusted off my bike and met some friends at the bike trail for a 20 mile ride.

Head to the bike trial used to be a part of my regular weekend routine. Now, it’s been so long since I’ve been to the trail that they actually extended it and built a new trailhead. By the way, the new Suncoast Trailhead off of Lutz Lake Fern is amazing. They did an awesome job.

It was a nice, easy bike ride with a group of friends. It not only felt great to be on the bike again, but it also felt great to ride with other people. I miss doing group rides or runs and soaked up the company. The 20 miles seriously flew by.

They may have even talked me into a 50K ride coming up at the end of July. I was riding that post-workout high and probably would have agreed to anything if they asked me. I do need to get my bike to the shop, though. It’s about 4 years overdue for a tune up.

Derek worked on the yard/pool, while I met up with a friend at a local indoor playground (Bounce House) with Annalynn.


At first I was a little nervous that the playground would be a little advanced for her, especially since parents weren’t allowed up it, but she did great. Annalynn loves to climb and was off and climbing to the highest point of the jungle gym about 5 seconds after we arrived. It was all just a big reminder that my baby isn’t a baby anymore and is a full on toddler. *hold me*

We met Derek at the grocery store and then had homemade chicken paninis for dinner.

It was an awesome weekend full of just enough activities to prevent us from getting bored, but also enough downtime to let us feel refreshed.

How was your weekend?

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