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I Love North Captiva

by Meghann on May 30, 2017


I just returned from my family’s annual getaway to North Captiva Island and I’m already longing to return.

We first discovered the wonders of North Captiva Island back in 2010. My mom was looking for a pet-friendly beach house for our expanding family and stumbled upon the beauty of North Captiva Island. The whole family fell so in love with the island, that we’ve made it an annual tradition to return year after year. You can read my full, original review of North Captiva here.

If you’re looking for a tropical getaway in Florida, I standby my original review and can not recommend North Captiva enough. It’s the perfect peaceful island for a relaxing vacation. It’s only accessible by ferry – so you’re avoiding typical beach crowds – and you really can’t beat that lazy island vibe.

Of course, a few things have changed since our first visit. For starters, our family has grown. Now, instead of a house full of dogs, we have a house full of babies. This year we had four little monkeys playing in the sand.

James (11 months), Owen (2 yrs), Weston (10 months), & Annalynn (19 months)

There’s something truly amazing about introducing a place you love so much to the next generation. This was Annalynn’s second time on the island (and Owen’s third), but it’s almost like we got to re-introduce it to her. She was only 7 months last time and not even crawling yet. Now she’s a talking, opinionated toddler who had so much fun hanging out with her grandparents, destroying sandcastles, and splashing in the water. It was difficult to get her to leave the beach or pool! She could have easily stayed waterside all day if she could.

Really ,the addition of the kids just makes us love the island even more. We rented a house right on the beach again this year, which was perfect for four little kids on varying nap schedules. Instead of everyone having to leave every time a baby needed a nap, we were able to quietly walk away and put each kiddo down on their own terms.

Annalynn takes one nap a day and usually snoozes for 2-3 hrs right after lunch. We had a steady routine of playing on the beach in the morning, then heading back to the house for lunch and a snooze. We brought an extra baby monitor along, which made everything that much smoother. While she napped, we had the monitor poolside and were able to relax and enjoy some quiet baby-free time.

We also brought the toddler cot again this trip, which fit perfectly next to our bed in the room. I really can’t say enough about traveling with the toddler cot. It was light weight, easy to travel with, and could be assembled and dissembled in a matter of seconds.

At night we were able to put all the kiddos to bed and still have time to bring the chairs to the beach to watch the epic sunsets.

I managed to get one beach run in on our first morning on the island.

I was hoping to get another in, but sleeping-in just felt way too good to give up. I rarely get a chance to enjoy lazy mornings in my PJs and I wanted to take advantage.

Overall it was a relaxing weekend full of the beach, pool, hanging out with family, and watching movies. We only left our little corner of the island a couple of times for ice cream or a little exploration. Otherwise, there wasn’t really a desire to do much else. Sunshine, food, and family time – that’s all we needed.

Now it’s back to reality. Le sigh.

1 Linda @ the Fitty May 31, 2017 at 10:45 am

I bet you can’t wait to return next year! And that silhouette of you guys in the sunset kissing is so perfect for a wallpaper. How does it feel to be running at the beach on the sand? I feel that I need to constantly grip my toes into my shoes for stability; perhaps I’m doing something wrong?
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2 Christina @ May 31, 2017 at 11:07 am

What a great vacation! I’m very much looking forward to bringing our little one to the beach for the first time this summer 🙂

3 Amber May 31, 2017 at 3:31 pm

Looked like an awesome trip! I can’t wait for a week at the beach for 4th of July. Next year will be more fun with a little one though 🙂
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4 Marie June 6, 2017 at 12:12 am

Aww, your daughter looks like a mini-you in the digging in the sand picture! Looks like a great trip. Also, thank you for responding to my email ages ago, it was so helpful. Of course I haven’t responded because #baby.

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