Monday, May 22, 2017

I tried something new this month. It’s called Mac & Mia and it’s a clothing subscription box service for kids.

Yep, it’s basically StitchFix for kids. Or I guess I should really say StitchFix for babies and toddlers, since sizing ranges from newborn to 5T. The set-up is super similar to StitchFix (and a lot of other subscription box services). You create an account, set-up a profile, pay a styling fee, and in about a week you receive a box full of new clothes for your little one. You keep what you like, send back what you don’t, and schedule the next box at your leisure.

I first heard about Mac & Mia about a year ago when my friend Diana emailed me raving about it. She has two kids and loved the convenience of the service, as well as the unique adorable clothes you won’t find anywhere else. I loved the idea but, at the time, Annalynn was outgrowing clothes at rapid speed and I couldn’t justify spending so much on baby clothes (warning: the clothes can be a tad pricey averaging about $20-$40 apiece).

I didn’t really look much into it, until I recently received an email from one of their stylists asking if she could style a box for Annalynn. She offered a code to waive the styling fee (which, by the way, you can take advantage of, too. Use this link for a $20 credit for Mac and Mia. You’re welcome.) and I decided to give it a try this time. Annalynn is a little older so she’s not growing out of clothes as quickly as she was before and I’m in the process of building up her summer wardrobe anyway. (p.s. not a sponsored post, but there are affiliate links in here)

Setting up a profile was quick and easy. I took a mini-style quiz and was able to request light and airy summer clothes for Annalynn. After I placed the order, the box arrived fairly quickly. The packaging was adorable and I found it amusing how much smaller the box was than my typical StitchFix box is.

As I mentioned above, the pricing is probably a little more than I’d normally spend on clothes for my toddler, but the quality is definitely there and the prices aren’t too outrageous. The most expensive item from this box was $40. Plus, if you keep everything, you receive a 15% discount. There was a sweet note from the stylist in the box, a pre-stamped return envelope, a price sheet, and a dress-up paper dolls for Annalynn to play with.

The box was packed tight and I was surprised with how much was in it. Each Mac and Mia box contains 6-8 items.

Now, I’ll spare you a full fashion show of Annalynn wearing everything from the box. To all the moms out there who can get their kids to change in and out of a dozen outfits for a full photo shoot – I salute you! There were some pieces I knew weren’t going to work based simply on size or my initial reaction when I saw the piece. However, there were some adorable pieces I instantly fell in love with and those were the pieces I wanted to try on Annalynn.

First up: Blu and Blue – Ikkat Romper ($40)

This was the first outfit that caught my attention as soon as I opened the Mac & Mia box. Oh my word, is this romper adorable! Of course, I fell in love with the most expensive thing in the box, but how cute is this?! Am I willing to spend $40 on a romper? Well, when you think about it, I have that $20 styling credit I could apply to the order (again, use this link to get your own credit!), so it would really be $20. That seems more reasonable. With that rationale, this is totally going in the keep pile.

Next, Bitz Kids – Peplum Cherry Dress ($30)

Please note the bow lasted about 5 minutes, but at least I got a cute photo out of it. 😉

This was another adorable dress. The cherry pattern, cut, and style make it a perfect summer party dress, especially when paired with a big red bow. It was a little big, but that’s not exactly a bad thing when it comes to toddler clothes – you’re pretty much guaranteed they’ll grow into it eventually. Unfortunately as much as we liked the dress, it wasn’t 100% love. It went in the return pile, but I may have some regrets looking at this photo. She is pretty cute in it.

Finally,  Lali – Printed Fringe Shorts ($29) and Frankie and Sue – Avery Tank ($28)

Every model requires a personal Mickey, right?

Those shorts! I loved those shorts right out of the box, but they did a weird puffing thing when I actually had them on her. I loved the print and style, but they just didn’t work on Annalynn. However, the tank top was adorable. It’s a really light weight material and has a criss-cross back – perfect for the Florida summer heat.

I ended up keeping the tank top and returning the shorts.

Overall we kept two items and returned the rest. We had fun with the Mac & Mia box and would definitely order one again. I’d say Mac & Mia is great for anyone who is looking for unique clothes for their toddlers. Every item in the box was adorable and a big step outside the box of what we usually shop for. It is a bit pricely for kids’ clothes, but nothing overly crazy.

If you want to try Mac & Mia for yourself, use this link for a $20 credit on your first box. Happy shopping!


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