Thursday, May 18, 2017

My Current Fitness Routine

by Meghann on May 18, 2017

My fitness routine changes pretty regularly. I find something that works (until it doesn’t) and then I move on. Usually my schedule changes, something new comes up, or life happens. The only thing that ever stays constant is running, but even my approach to running can vary depending on my current goals and what races I’ve signed up for.

Recently my fitness routine has involved Bar Method classes. Psst…This is NOT a sponsored post, nor was I given anything free or discounted in exchange for a review, I’ve just legit enjoyed my experience with Bar Method and wanted to share it here.

A couple of months ago a co-worker forwarded a “March Madness” special for a month of unlimited Bar Method classes for $44. Umm… $44? Considering the unlimited packages are usually $175 a month, this was a great deal – sign me up! The real selling point was the ability to take classes during lunch. The studio is about a mile from my office and offers 45 minute express lunchtime classes. It’s really difficult to fit morning or evening classes into my current schedule, so lunchtime access is key. Even better, three of us ended up taking advantage of the deal on my team, so I instantly had two accountability partners to go to class with.

This was not my first time trying any type or style of Bar/Barre classes (I actually took my first one back in 2012), but it was the first time I made an effort to stick with it consistently. I’m usually more of a fan of intense cardio/ powerlifting. You know – the classes where you build up a sweat and know it’s a great workout based off how soaked your clothes are. Bar Method is basically the complete opposite of that and it didn’t exactly pull me in to want to stick with it. At least, it didn’t back then. Now? Those are all the things I love about it.

For starters, you don’t sweat. In fact, the floor is carpeted and the room smells amazing – no smelly, sweaty bodies in here. The AC runs cool, they run the fans, and it actually feels nice.  All the movements are tight, concise, and effective. A newbie coming in for the first time might question why so many swear by this workout… until they try it and they’re silently cursing the instructor halfway through. Trust me, it’s brutal. Brutal in a “my legs are shaking and I can’t possibly hold this any longer” way – not brutal in a “OMG I’m covered in sweat can can’t breathe” way. Sometimes I come back to my desk and it still feels like my legs/arms are shaking – but it took a few classes to get there, so sticking with it was definitely key.

I’m a runner with tight hips, so my flexibility is terrible. And despite years of being dragged to ballet as a kid (sometimes literally kicking and screaming), I have zero grace or residual form. For the first several classes, the instructor was constantly over me adjusting and correcting my form. I got called out… a lot. When I registered they mentioned it would take at least 10 classes to feel comfortable in class, and they were absolutely right. I’m at 20 classes now, and I’m still adjusted or corrected at least once per class, but not nearly as much as I used to be. I actually feel semi-comfortable moving into position without having to check everyone’s form around me 100x before committing. It’s starting to stick, which is a huge confidence booster out on the floor. It didn’t come overnight, I’ve definitely put the work in, and am happy with where I’m at, though I still have so much more to learn. There are quite honestly some positions where I look around and think “how the hell are all these people so flexible?!” And then I attempt it, laugh at myself, and move on. Hey – at least I tried.

Since becoming a mom, I’ve struggled to stick with any sort of strength routine. I’ve been doing Bar Method for 2 months now and it’s been awesome to see some results. Even if I’m probably the only one who see the difference, I’m gaining definition back – finally.

I’ve been doing Bar Method 3x, running 3x a week, and taking Saturday for a rest day. I’ve loved this routine because it works perfectly with my current schedule. I wake-up early on mornings I have to run, sleep-in on mornings I do bar, and I don’t feel crazy burnt out. Bar Method has been great during lunch and having my co-workers take the classes with me means I have automatic accountability partners to go with. We all completed the original challenge and then signed-up again when the studio offered us another introductory package of $99 for one month of unlimited classes.

I’m still going month-by-month (these classes ARE expensive), but right now it’s worth it for a little “me time” in the middle of the day.  At the very least, Bar Method inspires me to get out during lunch and stick to strength training. Who knows what my fitness routine will be months from now, but right now I’m enjoying where I’m at.

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