Thursday, May 4, 2017

Day in the Life: 5/4/17

by Meghann on May 4, 2017

5:03am: Alarm goes off… because 5:00am felt too early and 5:50am seemed too late. Press snooze anyway.

5:08am: Alarm goes off again. This time Maddie knows what’s up and starts licking my face. Okay. Okay. I’m up.

5:10am: Grab the leash and take Maddie for a walk. We do two loops around the neighborhood and I attempt to wake up.

5:35am: Back at home I fill Maddie’s water bowl and hop in the shower. Do I shave my legs today or can I wait a little longer?  Meh. I can go another day.

5:50am: Sit on the couch with my coffee and scroll through Facebook for 10 minutes. I tell myself that at 6:00am I need to get up and be productive. Pinky swear.

6:03am: Couch time is done. Time to blow dry my hair and be productive.

6:12am: Head back to the kitchen and prep breakfast. I like to have breakfast ready to go before Annalynn gets up, so she gets to sleep in as much as possible. This morning’s meal was a mix of cereal, fruit, peanut butter, and yogurt (for her).

6:20am: I head into Annalynn’s room to wake her up. She’s not really a morning person, so our routine allows her a couple of minutes of tossing and turning before deciding she’s finally ready to seize the day. While she’s gaining the motivation, I’ll pick out her clothes for the day and set them on the changing table.

6:23am: Annalynn nurses for a few minutes.

6:27am: After she’s done nursing, I change her diaper and dress her for the day.

6:32am: We emerge from her from her room and Annalynn heads straight to her high chair in the dining room. She knows this routine well.

6:33am: I give Annalynn a handful of cereal, berries, and a yogurt pouch. While she eats, I put her hair in pigtails for the day and reheat my coffee. Afterwards I sit down and eat my own bowl of cereal.

6:50am: Derek is up and takes over Annalynn duty. I put the breakfast stuff away, feed Maddie, and head to the room to curl my hair.

7:00am: I pick a dress from the closet and pair it with a pair of shoes and necklace.  I throw my workout clothes in a bag, hoping I’ll be able to take a class during lunch.

7:10am: I give Annalynn and Derek both kisses and head out the door.

7:17am: Arrive at Publix and head inside to pick-up a few supplies, including some items for teacher-appreciation week (which I’ve totally been slacking on). Today’s theme is chocolate, which should be an easy one to pull off. I grab a bag of assorted Hershey candies, a salad for lunch, snacks for my desk, and call it a day.

7: 30am: Back in the car and on my way to work.

8:00am: Arrive at work. Looking stylish with my giant tote. I’ve recently consolidated all of my little bags into a giant tote. I’m still a crazy bag lady, but the big bag makes me feel more efficient.

8:30am: I log on and attempt to reserve my sport for today’s Bar class, but quickly realize I have an offsite meeting at 1pm and can’t go. Darn. No bar class today.

9:00am: Have super productive conversation with male co-workers regarding dry shampoo. They are all baffled at its existence.

10:00am: Break into my bag of cashews (BOGO at Publix this week!) and snack on a couple of handfuls.

11:00am: Oh, look! I was quoted in an article on about Lularoe and Disney. Proceed to tell my coworkers that I’m famous now. They all ask what Racked is. Okay. Not famous. But still a cool article.

12:15pm: Consume my Publix salad for lunch.

12:30pm: Prep candy bags for teacher appreciation week. They’re so fancy, you can just call me Pinterest Mom. 😉

1:00pm: Offsite meeting with potential client.

3:00pm: I was so excited to try the Chameleon Cold Brew Vanilla Ready-to-Drink Coffee today. I fell in love with the concentrate version when the company sent me some sample a couple of weeks ago and grabbed the ready-to-drink version at Publix this morning for a mid-afternoon pick me up. Unfortunately I didn’t read the label. The Chameleon Vanilla Coffee concentrate is unsweetened with natural vanilla flavor added, while the ready-to-drink version has added sugar. It’s not a lot of added sugar, but it was just enough to give it a sweet flavor. I’m just not a fan of sweet coffee, especially ready-to-drink sweet coffee. I was definitely bummed.

4:00pm: More cashews to get me over the hurdle.

5:10pm: Close up for the day and head home.

5:40pm: Pick Annalynn up from daycare.

5:50pm: Arrive home and it’s pouring. I quickly get Annalynn out and head to the garage. It’s locked. I don’t have a key for the garage, so we head back into the rain to go to the front door. Annalynn is laughing and trying to catch rain drops with her mouth. She finds the whole thing hilarious.

5:55pm: Attempt to take Maddie outside, but she’s not budging. She’d rather hold her pee for another hour than head outside in the rain. Your call, dog.

6:15pm: Annalynn plays with the magnets on the fridge/ dishwasher while I start dinner. She loves taking the magnets back and forth between the fridge and dishwasher – hours of fun!

6:30pm: Derek arrives home and dinner is almost ready. We’re having breakfast for dinner: pancakes, bacon, eggs, and fresh mango.

6:45pm: We sit down to have dinner as a family. Annalynn loves the meal and has two pancakes, a full egg, and two servings of mango.

7:10pm: Derek gives Annalynn a bath while I take Maddie outside and load the dishwasher.

7:20pm: I help Annalynn brush her teeth, then take her to her room for pjs and story time.

7:30pm: It’s bedtime. I nurse Annalynn and then give her one last kiss goodnight before putting her to bed.

7:40pm: Maddie and I head out for a walk around the neighborhood.

8:00pm: Derek and I watch an episode of the Daily Show with the creators of Pod Save America. It’s his new favorite podcast and he’s a big fan of the trio.

8:10pm: While the show is on I pull out my laptop and start this post.

9:00pm: Bedtime? Maybe.

Good night!

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