Monday, March 27, 2017

Three Things I’m Loving This Week

by Meghann on March 27, 2017

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I’m still riding the high from my weekend at “Camp Brooks” and can’t seem to rub this goofy smile from my face. Too soon to go back? At least I have another vacation on the horizon. T-minus 2 weeks until Derek and I are in the mountains of Tennessee!

Here’s what else I’m loving this week:

  1. We Have Braids!

Teeny, tiny French braids!

I can’t tell you how excited I am that Annalynn’s hair is long enough for braids. We still have some ways to go before I attempt to bust out any YouTube tutorials, but it’s getting there. Also, I used a clean diaper to distract her while I braided. Who knew clean diapers were so entertaining?

  1. Little Big Town on Repeat

The new album from Little Big Town: “The Breaker” has been on repeat on my iPod lately. The single “Happy People” is officially my new anthem. It’s a great song and so is the message behind it.

“Never take it for granted

You don’t have to understand it

Here’s to whatever puts a smile on your face

Whatever makes you happy people”

It’s catchy, positive, and exactly what I need in my life right.

Fun Fact:The Breaker” also features “Better Man” which was written by Taylor Swift! No wonder I can’t get it out of my head.

Check out Little Big Town’s new album “The Breaker” now here!

  1. Lunchtime Workouts

My co-workers and I recently purchased a “March Madness” package from a local bar studio for 4 weeks of unlimited classes. We were sold on the “express” 45-minute lunchtime classes and the built-in accountability partners of signing up as a team.

I attended my first class today during lunch and it was awesome. I have no flexibility, so bar classes have always been a challenge for me, but I think that’s what I like about them. I’ve previously taken classes here and there, but never on a consistent basis. My goal is to get the most I can out of the unlimited package and hopefully see some improvement. At the very least, I can already tell that making it a team effort with my coworkers has been the extra motivation I need to get away from my desk and make it to class.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an empty wine glass that needs to be refilled.

Good night.


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