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Fitlife Foods Home Delivery Review

by Meghann on February 23, 2017

I received free product in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. 

A long time ago, before I had Annalynn, I was really, really good at bringing my lunch to work. I packed quick, healthy meals in the morning and was happy with my choices by the time lunchtime rolled around.  I rarely ate out and, when I did, it was only for special occasions like to celebrate a birthday or some other milestone.

Ugh. I was annoyingly on top of things back then. I miss that.

Over time I’ve unfortunately developed some bad habits. I still try to pack my lunch as often as I can, but I find myself eating out a little more than I probably should. My time is very limited in the morning, and sometimes it’s just easier to grab something to eat, instead of packing it ahead of time. Plus, I enjoy spending time with my coworkers and find it hard to say no when they invite me out to eat with them.

However, the tides are changing. A few coworkers and I are making a conscious effort to make healthier choices in 2017, and we’re holding each other accountable. What does that mean? Less eating out, more walking during lunch, and encouraging overall healthier habits.

Here’s where Fitlife Foods comes into play.

If you’re not familiar with Fitlife Foods, they’re a ready-made meal company in Tampa Bay that offers fresh, nutritious meals that you can stock your fridge with. They recently launched a home delivery service in the Tampa Bay area that I  had the opportunity to test and review for the blog.

A co-worker had actually tested out the service the week before I did and raved about it, so I knew I was in good hands. The process is actually pretty simple: you place your order online, the meals are hand delivered to your home or office, and all you have to do is heat (and enjoy!) the meals after that. There is a minimum order of 8 meals and everything is good for up to 5 days after delivery.

Meals are delivered every Monday and  Thursday, so I placed my order Friday evening to ensure a Monday delivery.  There are over 60 meals to choose from on the Fitlife Food website and prices vary based off of type of meal ( there are breakfast, snack, and lunch/dinner options) and ingredients. I created an account and made my selections.

First time orders require an additional $25 charge for the Fitlife insulated tote the meals are delivered in. This is a one time fee and not applicable on future orders. If you choose to schedule another delivery, you would simply leave the tote by the door to be traded out when the new order arrives. Whenever you choose to discontinue the service, the tote is yours to keep.

I scheduled the delivery for my office and received an email with my confirmation for a Monday delivery. I ordered 5 lunches and 3 breakfasts, with a goal of stocking the office fridge and consuming the meals throughout the week. Our office has several mini fridges scattered around and there’s one right by my desk that always has plenty of room in it. If I worked somewhere with one big fridge with limited space, I know this wouldn’t have been an option, but it actually worked out really well this way. It also made things a lot easier not having the lug the meals back and forth from home.

The Fitlife Home Delivery arrived around 12:30 on Monday – just in time for lunch!

The insulated tote had 8 meals and ice packs to keep it cold. There were also instructions on what to do with the tote for future deliveries.

All of the meals were labeled with ingredients, nutrition information, and re-heating instructions.

And it all fit perfectly in the mini fridge.

I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it was to have fresh, healthy meals ready to go for lunch every day. Not having to worry about lunch, made my morning routine fly by a little quicker and having meals in the fridge made it a lot less tempting to go out to eat.

And the food? It was pretty good. Some meals were better than others, but overall I was impressed with the options and enjoyed everything I consumed.  Here’s a review of a few of the lunches I had through the week:

Greek Meatballs

“Locally-sourced, grass-fed lean ground beef blended with eight spices, feta cheese and spinach. Served with roasted asparagus, steamed quinoa and a light lemon sauce.”

This was probably my least favorite of all the meals. The meatballs were lacking on the flavor front and I thought the cous cous  was on the dry side. I ended up adding some of a coworker’s dressing to add a little flavor to the meal. The dressing definitely kicked it up a notch and gave it what it needed.

Bayou Shrimp and Grits

“Cauliflower and quinoa protein “grits” layered with our bayou chicken and chicken sausage topped with spicy roasted shrimp.”

I was nervous that the texture for the cauliflower “grits” would be off, but it ended up being my favorite part of the meal. The bayou sauce was a little meh, but I would order it again just for the shrimp and grits (hold the bayou sauce).

Surf and Turf

“Succulent shrimp paired with beef tenderloin on a bed of herbed rice pilaf, roasted asparagus, and topped off with our low-fat garlic cream sauce.”

The best meal from the bunch. The garlic cream sauce was a nice touch and melted nicely during the reheating process.  Sometimes simple meals are the best meals and I really enjoyed the simply flavors in this one.

Kelly’s Roasted Sausage & Kale

“Tender roasted butternut squash and kale with low fat all-natural chicken Andouille sausage, topped with fresh mozzarella, basil and a balsamic glaze.”

This was my coworker’s favorite meal from her order the week before. Reading the description, you would assume the dish is sweet, but it has an unexpected spice to it. The spice adds a nice level of flavor and gives it a kick.

The best part is, once you’re done, everything is recyclable. You can either return all of the containers to a Fitlife Foods location to be recycled, or place them in the empty tote bag to be switched out during your next delivery. Once you return 20 containers, you receive a free meal!

The service is a little prices (an average of $10 per meal, plus delivery fee), but everything is fresh, nutritious, and convenience does come at a cost. My co-worker and I plan to split a future order (5 for her, 5 for me). This way we’ll have enough meals to cover us for lunches for the week and not have to worry about hitting the meal minimum and we can split the delivery cost.

Thank you, Fitlife Foods for giving me an opportunity to try the home delivery service. I’m looking forward to future orders.

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