Tuesday, December 20, 2016

#WDWMarathonTraining: Week 17

by Meghann on December 20, 2016

Week 17 was no good.


It was a double hit of feeling terrible with a stomach bug on Monday and starting my period on Wednesday. Thankfully I was able to recover before my long run on Sunday, but it wasn’t pretty.


  • Distance: 3 mi
  • Time: 32:09
  • Pace: 10:43

Annalynn was sick on Saturday night, but quickly recovered with full steam ahead on Sunday. I felt great and thought it had missed me… until I took off for my run Monday morning. What started out as what I thought was normal Monday “jet lag” turned quickly into, “I’m going to be sick. Now.” After emptying my stomach on the side of a busy road, I opted to walk the rest of the way home and felt absolutely miserable the entire time. I ended up staying home from work and miserably slept almost the day away.


  • Distance: 3 mi
  • Time: 32:33
  • Pace: 10:51

I felt better on Tuesday, but not quite 100%. Unfortunately I backtracked on Wednesday and, again, suffered through the last half of my run feeling absolutely terrible. Just as I was beginning to question the results of the negative pregnancy test I had on Monday (because anytime you start puking in your 20s/30s the question of “Am I?!” lingers in the back of your head), I started my period. Oh, well that explains why I feel like crap. Stupid period. At least that means I won’t have to deal with this mess on marathon day, so yay for that.



  • Distance: 5 mi
  • Time: 51:35
  • Pace: 10:19

Finally feeling back to 100% here. Had a great run without any issues. Thank goodness for that.


  • Distance: 18 mi
  • Time: 3:12:01
  • Pace: 10:40

Oye. That hurt.

The good news is I was able to added a couple of extra water stops to my route, which really helped me power through. One of those stops ended up being a Walgreens I ran into to use the water fountain, and another one involved refilling my water bottle at the house at mile 14. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it is to walk into your house at mile 14 to refill a water bottle and force yourself back outside to finish the final 4.


So happy that’s over, and even happier I only have one more long run before taper and then race day. Woo hoo!

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