Wednesday, December 14, 2016

#WDWMarathonTraining Week 16

by Meghann on December 14, 2016

Week 16 is done.


This was a good week. I felt strong and focused out there.


  • Distance: 3 mi
  • Time: 30:53
  • Pace: 10:17

Nothing much to report here. It was a beautiful morning for a run.


  • Distance: 5 mi
  • Time: 52:22
  • Pace: 10:28

I’ve really been enjoying the 5 mile loop I accidentally discovered the other week. Looped routes are so much more bearable than out-and-backs. It’s harder to give-up in the middle of them and it keeps everything interesting. Since my office holiday party was Thursday night, I opted to do my weekday long run on Thursday and sleep-in on Friday. Priorities. Obviously.


  • Distance: 14 mi
  • Time: 2:25:50
  • Pace: 10:25

My sister and I planned an impromptu overnight trip to Walt Disney World for Saturday night, so I had to fit my long run in before Annalynn’s 8:30am swim class Saturday morning. It was the first time I’ve had to set my alarm for 4:30 this training cycle, and it really stunk. 14 miles is the max amount of mileage I could fit in before class (for my own sanity). Thankfully this was the only week I had to do this. I got out, ran my miles, and was back (barely) in time for class.

Since it was really early, dark, and cold – it seemed like a great morning to also test out my new reflective Drift Shell.


While I liked the reflective details and the lightweight feel of the jacket, it’s definitely a “shell” and  not meant to be worn on its own. It needs another layer to act as a barrier between the shell and sweaty skin. Every time I lifted my hand up, water would pour out of my sleeve and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Turns out it wasn’t water – it was sweat that wasn’t being absorbed into the jacket due to the waterproof drilayer supeseal and was instead pooling in the jacket cuff. You should have seen the inside when I eventually took it off, the jacket itself was dry, but the innerlayer was coated in sweat – it was very odd. After reading the reviews, it sounds like I’m not the only one who had that issue. Still a cute jacket, but not exactly practical on its own.

Another week wrapped up. Less than one month to go until race day!

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