Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

by Meghann on November 27, 2016

Years ago, when I first started blogging, I was much more on top of my photo game. Every holiday from 2008-2013 is meticulously documented with dozens of photos from my “big” camera that had been swiftly uploaded, edited, and shared within hours of the event. I loveĀ those photos and the blog posts they’re shared on.

I had every intention of returning to my crazy photo roots. I even packed my big camera for our trip to the east coast for Thanksgiving, and managed to remember to bring the camera from my car to my aunt’s house on Thanksgiving day. I sat it on the floor (in its bag)… where it stayed until the next day when my aunt called to ask if anyone had left a gray bag behind. Whoops.

So I don’t have fancy photos from the day, but I think I’m okay with it. Instead I have random photos from my phone that I love just as much. Real life means sometimes forgetting about the camera, and experiencing the day for what it is.

Annalynn is at such a fun age right now. She runs, she explores, and she had a blast with her cousins on turkey day. The kid is always on the go and it’s impossible to get her to sit still. I only had enough time to grab a quick photo in her adorable Thanksgiving dress before she was off and getting into trouble.

Thanksgiving 2016

Annalynn and Felix

Pop Pop and Grandbabies

Annalynn’sĀ favorite activity is anything that involves food, so Thanksgiving ranked high as a great day for her. She was a big fan of cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and my aunt’s congo bars.


Annalynn and Pop Pop

We also discovered Annalynn is a big fan of the beach. Derek, Annalynn, and I headed beachside for a quick holiday-weekend vacation. We booked out first Airbnb (yep, we’re way behind the times) and planned the impromptu trip to St. Augustine. Even though we live in Florida (and about 30 minutes from the coast) I’m sad to say we really only get to see the beach when we’re on vacation. However, after seeing how much fun Annalynn had playing in the sand, I think we’ll need to change asap.

I mean… look at that face!

Annalynn at beach

We had to pull her away from the beach each day. She was just having too much fun.

Annalynn and dad Annalynn and Dad

Baby toes and sand Annalynn in sand

Beach family photo

Don’t worry, baby girl! We’ll be back!

beach steps


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