Monday, October 10, 2016

Day In The Life: 10/4/16

by Meghann on October 10, 2016

(wrote last week, but for some reason didn’t get published until today. whoops!)

6:15am: Alarm goes off. Hit snooze and roll over.

6:20am: Alarm goes off, again. Darn. Get out of bed, take dog outside, and turn the Keurig on.


6:30am: Jump in shower for a quick rinse and scrub. Yesterday’s hair is still going strong, I skip washing it and instead fluff it up with some dry shampoo when I get out.

6:40am: Put on my robe and head to the kitchen. Make a coffee and grab two bags of breastmilk from the freezer. Place the bags in the bowl under the faucet and turn it on. Make a mental note that I really need to get better at putting them in the fridge overnight to thaw.

6:45am: While the milk is defrosting, prep lunch for the day. Pull out birthday party leftovers and  load up lunch box.

6:48am: Milk is ready. Fill bottles, add in yesterday’s fresh milk, and label for daycare. The daycare is okay with a slow transition away from bottles, so we’re going to ease into it with the goal of having her weaned from bottles by the time my freezer stash runs out.

6:50am: Get out the eggs and strawberries. Fry up 3 eggs while also cutting up strawberries. Once eggs are done, plate them and cover for later.

7:00am: Time to wake Annalynn up! She fussed a couple of times last night, but was able to put herself back to sleep on her own both times – VICTORY! I turn the light on and she moans. I feel ya, girl. I feel ya.

7:02am: She begrudgingly starts to sit up and isn’t happy about it. I take off her sleep sack and bring her to the glider for her morning nursing session.

7:10am: Once she’s done nursing, I bring her to the changing table and get her ready for the day.

7:13am: Breakfast time! I divide the eggs and strawberries between Annalynn and I.


7:20am: I hand Annalynn off to her dad and get dressed for the day.

7:25am: Annalynn is going through a “I- only-want-mommy” stage. Derek hands her back to me and I pack my gym bag, pump bag, and Annalynn’s daycare bag while holding my precious girl.

7:40am:  Time to head out! Gather my million bags, then give Derek and Annalynn one last kiss before heading out the door. We take turns dropping her off at daycare, and today is daddy’s turn.

7:50am: Pull into a local gas station to fill up the gas tank.

8:15am: Start to question life as I face bumper-to-bumper traffic on the toll road. Oye this going to be a long day.

8:50am: Finally, I see the light! Take the exit to my office and curse rush hour traffic.

9:00am: Find a parking spot in the garage and head inside.

10:00am: Snack time!


11:30am: Lock-up my computer and head downstairs to get my run in. I have a 1:00pm meeting that I need to make sure I’m set and ready for at that time.

11:40am: Hop on the treadmill and knock-out a 3 mile speedwork. I followed a ladder workout that really got my feet moving.


12:25am: Take a quick rinse in the locker room provided shower, then get dressed and head back to the office.


12:35am: Lunch time! Thank goodness for easy leftovers!


12:45am: Squeeze in a quick pump session before my meeting. I’m currently weaning form the pump and down to one pump session a day!

1:00pm: Meeting is canceled. Oh, well – back to work!

2:00pm: Dive into a leftover birthday cupcake.


4:00pm: Afternoon applesauce.

5:30pm: Pack up and head home

6::15pm: Pick up Annalynn from daycare.

6:30pm: Arrive at home. Play with ALL THE TOYS


7:00pm: Derek is home. He takes over play time with Annalynn while I quickly prepare dinner.

7:20pm: Serve dinner. It’s a mashup of a frozen bag of veggies, brown rice, beans, and feta cheese with bagged salad. #quickandeasy


7:45pm: Annalynn goes straight from dinner to bed. She gets wiped down, changed into jammies, says night-night to daddy, and I nurse her before bed. She’s usually pretty good at going right down.

8:15pm: Wash bottles & clean kitchen.

8:45pm: Lay on the couch with Derek to watch TV.

10:30pm: Wake-up on the couch and wonder what time I fell asleep. Get up, brush teeth, and crawl into my real bed for the night.

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