Saturday, October 1, 2016

Annalynn: 12 Months

by Meghann on October 1, 2016

Happy Birthday, Annalynn!!


You are one year old today!

I can’t believe it. A year ago today your daddy and I were on pins and needles waiting for your arrival. We had no idea what the next 24 hours would bring, let alone the next year! We loved you from the moment saw you and our love continues to grows each and every day. You’re our beautiful, intelligent, hilarious baby girl and it’s been such a joy watching you grow.



We have a walker!!


The way other parents share stories and videos, I always assumed something would just click one day and you would pull yourself up and just start walking. That has definitely not been the case. This milestone has been more of a gradual process. You started attempting 1-2 steps at a time a few weeks ago and have been gradually building yourself up from there. You’re now up to about a dozen steps at a time, though still not 100% consistent. You definitely prefer to have a goal (like a person or object) as motivation to move. You generally take a few steps and then fall into the goal. We’re still working on walking with shoes on. You absolutely hate wearing shoes (like your mama) and can’t stand trying to walk in them.


You’re also able to pull yourself up from sitting to standing without any assistance. You clap and say “yay”, wave “bye-bye,” and play tug of war with Maddie. Your favorite game right now is “Where’s Annalynn?” where you hide in the curtain wait to be discovered. You have the best laugh when we play this game.


We had a huge breakthrough in the sleep department this week. Mama had to work late and your dad managed to put you to sleep without a bottle. I was seriously impressed by his mad dad skills. I still nurse you to sleep most night(and don’t have any plans to stop anytime soon), but it’s a comfort to know that you don’t need a bedtime bottle when I’m not home.


You’re sleeping pretty consistently through the night at this point. You’ll occasionally wake up here and there, but you tend to nurse for a couple of minutes and go right back down.

Naps are still terrible at daycare (as they’ve always been!). The daycare director told me the other week that she thinks you don’t sleep because you’re so nosey. You have to check out everything that’s going on and will only sleep if everyone else is down and nothing interesting is happening. Luckily you’ll still a decent napper at home. On the weekends you’ll take two 2 hour naps and we love you for it (knock on wood!). I have no idea what they’re going to do with you when they move you to the toddler room next month and you’ll nap on a cot. That’s just crazy to me.


You remain my great little eater. Minus your smash cake, which I was really surprised you didn’t like. I told everyone that you were going to dive on and in and I was sooo excited to watch it happen. The big moment arrived, you took one taste, and were over it. What the heck kid?! You only became interested when we added puffs on the side (awesome tip from our photographer).


You only have two teeth (with the river of drool you produce everyday you’d expect a mouthful at this point), but that doesn’t stop you from eating everything in sight. You love chicken, peas, carrots, cheese, banana, and cheerios. You’re eating the same thing as the “big kids” in daycare now and are known for not even leaving a crumb behind.


You’ve reverted back to 4 bottles at daycare. Mama stopped being able to keep up with your milk intake, so you’ve had 1/2 fresh milk and 1/2 freezer stash for the last month now. I can’t tell you how thankful I’ve been to have the freezer stash to supplement with. I’ve started weaning off the pump and will stop completely in a week or two. Woo hoo! You’re still nursing in the morning and night and I’m happy to keep doing that as long as you want, baby girl!

Next week you’ll begin your transition to the toddler room at daycare. *sniff* That means stopping bottles, having to wear shoes, and sleeping in a cot – BIG CHANGES! I’ve been told you’re ready for it, but I’m not sure I am. You’ll be great, just ignore the sobbing mama when I drop you off for the first few times.


Mommy and daddy love you so much, Annalynn. You are our greatest achievement. We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!


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