October 2016

#WDWMarathonTraining Week 9

by Meghann on October 27, 2016

Made it through week 9!


I’m so sorry about the delay on this. I started writing this post during lunch on Monday, but needed my watch to fill in the stats. I finally remembered to check my watch today (Thursday) and discovered all of my recent runs had mysteriously disappeared! However, all of my runs from 2013 are still safely locked in there somehow. There’s nothing more humbling than reviewing old run stats from your IRONMAN training days. Man, that feels like a lifetime ago now. One day I’ll get back there. One day…

As I mentioned earlier this week, I started a new job last Monday and am still adjusting to the new schedule. With any new job there’s a decent learning curve and the initial rush of figuring out the ins and outs of the new position. So far everything is going well, but it will take some time before I’m 100% where I want to be. The new job also comes with earlier hours, which means I’ve had to adjust my morning routine some. I’m now getting up 15 minutes earlier than I was previously, and may even need to go earlier than that. It’s worth it to have more time in the evenings with Annalynn, but I know it’s going to really hurt when I eventually see 4:XX am on my alarm clock. Gulp.



  • Distance: 3 mi
  • Time: ??
  • Pace: ??

Since I no longer have access to a treadmill during lunch, I need to figure out another way fit my weekly speedwork session in. My time is already pretty limited in the morning, so I really don’t want to add another step of driving to a gym or a nearby track. Actually, now that I’m writing this out, I believe the block my house is on is pretty close to .25 mi loop. I could just do laps of that. I could also incorporate pick-ups, fartleks, tempos, and other various combinations to my runs – I just need to fine tune my plan a bit and actually pin some down. I’ll work on that for next week. For now, this was just a regular 3 mile run. Nothing special here.


  • Distance: 3.5 mi
  • Time: ??
  • Pace: ??

Everything was great… until I fell about a mile from home. Stupid sidewalk. I swear that crack came out of nowhere! I did a bang up job with some scrapes on my hands and leg, but otherwise was just a little shaken up. I took a minute to gather my thoughts, then I got up and finished the run.


  • Distance: 4 mi
  • Time: ??
  • Pace: ??

I cut it really close on time getting back from this run. I was actually struggling with time management all week. I need to get better at basically jumping out of bed and heading out the door – not spending 10 minutes playing on Facebook or taking an extra 5 minutes casually tying my shoe. Alarm. Up. Go.


  • Distance: 9 mi
  • Time: 1:33:05
  • Pace: 10:20


Finally a run with some stats! Annalynn’s morning swim class was moved from Sunday to Saturday (not happy about this, but it is what it is) so I had to move my long run from Saturday to Sunday. This will probably lead to a permanent shift in the rest of my plan as I move everything up a day.

The 9 miles felt so much better than the 8 I ran the week before. It will never be easy getting out the door so early on a weekend, but I did it. I even managed to finish the run (and a cup of coffee!) before Annalynn was up. Super mom power there!

Next week – my first double digit run in over 2 years! Gulp.

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