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Supporting The Ladies

by Meghann on September 22, 2016

Alright. Let’s talk about sports bras.

As you may recall, before pregnancy, I didn’t really have much to say about sports bras. My perky, smaller breasts (RIP!) never really required much for support. I got away with stretchy, cheap sports bras that got the job done without much effort. Spending $$ on a sports bra?! That’s insane. Give me the $15 Target special any day (HA!).  Basically I had no idea what I was doing and took those small boobs for granted. So young. So delusional. 

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, my boobs instantly grew two sizes. They continued to grow over the next 9 months and peaked right after I gave birth and my milk came in. A few months before giving birth I met with a Moving Comfort fit specialist and was fitted for the first time with bras that were actually designed to give lift and support. I fell in love with the Juno and Jubralee and pretty much lived in those bras throughout the remainder of my pregnancy and beyond.


I assumed I would have my baby, take 6 weeks off to rest and recover, and then instantly be up and back running again. Unfortunately it wasn’t that easy. Besides trying to find the time, energy, and even the desire to get out there to run again, my boobs no longer belonged to me. These strange foreign objects were constantly full of milk, incredibly sore, and very sensitive. If I wanted to run I had to make sure I was “empty” before leaving the house or… ouch.

When I did plan everything perfectly (on the rare occasion) the Juno and Jubralee remained my go-tos. Even as I lost the baby weight, and my boobs returned to manageable proportions (still nowhere near their pre-pregnancy size!), I purchased two more in my new sizes and kept them on constant rotation. Heck, I even wore them when I wasn’t running since the adjustable front straps made them nursing friendly.

Now that Annalynn is a bit older, and I’m not quite as “full” as I once was, my running has gotten a tiny bit more manageable. I can now safely fit in early morning runs and not worry about nursing or pumping before hand. I can just get up and run, which is huge in the nursing mom world. I know my boobs will never be the same as they once were, but it’s nice to have them feel somewhat close to mine again. I’m sure there will be another big change once Annalynn stops nursing completely, but for now we have a good pattern going and I’m thankful to have great sports bras to help get the job done.


For years Moving Comfort had been the go-to resource for women’s apparel and sports bras. The amazing technology, research, and support that goes into each sports bra is 100% focused on keeping our ladies locked-in and comfortable. What has always stood out to me about the brand is they cater for every size. From a 30A to a 44G, they have you covered.

Over the summer I noticed something big, the Moving Comfort logo on my favorite sports bras was quietly being phased out. After running as a sister company of Brooks for so long, the Moving Comfort line was being fully integrated into the Brooks family. Don’t panic – the Moving Comfort team is still there. Your favorite sports bras are still there. The technology, wide size range, and amazing sense of support is still there. You just have a new logo. Nbd.

Brooks Sports Bras New Logo

And with that, the bra team at Brooks is constantly working to create the best bras in the biz, and this season is no different. Over the summer they launched 3 new sports bras to the collection.

Frontrunner Racer

The Frontrunner Racer offers a sleek, seamless style that begs to be seen, offering lots of flattering shape. Its lightweight contoured cups enhance support and provide shape and modesty. The seamless knit provides soft, chafe-free comfort!


My first immediate thought was “ohhh…. love the v-shape.” Then I got it home and put it on. Hello boobies! Umm… yeah, it’s very cleavage-licious.  So instead of a head-on boob shot, here’s a lovely photo of my back.


The Frontrunner Racer is designed for “Shallow, Semi-Full, Full” breast shapes and runs in sizes S (32), M(34), and L (36). I have a L (I’m currently a 36D) and am probably borderline for who this bra is designed for. My old smaller, perkier boobs would have loved it – my new stretched and milk-filled boobs are simply okay with it. I will say that even though I wouldn’t walk around in just the sports bra (umm… hello boobies!), I did feel well supported running in it. I’ve actually run in it multiple time and surprisingly felt great in it.


The Anyday provides all-day comfort in a t-shirt bra silhouette with convertible straps. You can finally go from work to workout with ease! The contoured cups enhance support, shape and provide complete modesty. This bra also offers convertible straps for a customizable look.   


This bra had my attention. A sports bra that looks like an everyday bra? Okay, I’ll bite. Gimme.


Again, love the v-shape in the photos, but… hello boobies. Very cleavage-licious and not exactly appropriate for wearing as-is while running around the block. Still, I felt supported and comfortable during multiple runs over the last couple of weeks (with a shirt over it). Everything was locked-in and secured. It’s also a great travel bra and really comfortable under a plain t-shirt. This bra fits by band and cupsize and goes up to a 38D.


 Are you a fuller-cupped woman who always has a difficult time finding a sports bra that fits? Embody is an underwire style with unparalleled comfort and control that allows you to feel more supported than ever before. This bra offers back-adjustable, bonded and padded straps that improve fit and enhance comfort. As if this bra wasn’t good enough, its sizing goes up to a G cup!


I was only able to test two of the three bras, and unfortunately Embody wasn’t on that list. In all honesty, this is probably the bra that would work best with my current needs, but there was one thing that stopped me from requesting it – the underwire. I’m not a fan of underwire in my regular bras and the idea of having one in a sports bra didn’t thrill me. Still, I trust the Brooks bra team and I’m kicking myself for not trying it.

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