Friday, September 16, 2016

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I was scrolling through Facebook recently and paused on a question someone had asked in one of the new-mom groups I belong to. She asked how other moms were able to try on clothes while shopping for themselves, with a baby in tow. My response was simple: “I shop online.”

Seriously. I’d say 90% of the shopping I do for myself is online. It’s just too easy to casually scroll through my phone on a break and check-out with the touch of a button. Most days I’m able to score a better deal online than in a store and I generally make sure there’s a decent return policy before checking out just in case something isn’t quite the right fit or doesn’t exactly live up to the online reviews in person.

One site I’m loving lately is thredUP.

thredUP is a great site for anyone who loves a deal. Think of it as a well curated online consignment shop. It’s the best resource for women’s and kids’ high-quality secondhand fashion, with a range of brands from Madewell to Zara to Joie, always up to 90% off the original retail price.

The site has a crazy stock of merchandise, and is easy to navigate thanks to searching by brand and toggling between colors and sizes. My size preferences are auto-saved in the system, so they automatically pop up every time I search.

They also offer an array of clothing styles that range from formalwear to work clothes to activewear. I found some really cute Lululemon pieces for 40% off retail.

In really enjoy that the stock in thredUP is constantly rotating so it’s a different experience every time you shop. Aren’t able to find something you like today? Check back tomorrow – you never know what will be added.

One of my favorite parts of online shopping is opening the box of goodies when it arrives. It feels like Christmas every time.


This was a particularly good haul.

I found a brand new J. Crew swimsuit (with tags!) for $19.99 (originally $58). I’ve been wearing the same boring swimsuit to Annalynn’s swim classes for ages and am excited to throw a new one in the mix.

thredup-tags thredup-jcrew

I also scored a gorgeous Bebe dress for $38.99 (originally $169!). The dress still has the tags on it and is flawless.  It’s perfect for an upcoming event I have.

thredup-bebe thredup-bebe2

And, as every mom knows, it’s really hard to shop for yourself without throwing something (or LOTS of somethings) in the cart for your little one. Annalynn is on the verge of moving up to 12-18 month clothes and thredUP is my new go-to place to restock her wardrobe.


Unfortunately not everything in this box was the perfect fit. I had ordered some really cute Lululemon pieces that didn’t quite work. Thankfully thredUP fits my #2 requirement when shopping online – a decent return policy. The process to return the items was pretty seamless. All I had to do was print the return label and drop it off at the post office. My account will be credited accordingly.


Have clothes you don’t wear anymore? It’s just as easy to sell you clothes to thredUP. Just consult their policy of what they do and don’t take, then order your thredUP Clean Out Bag. Fill it with that you don’t want and hang it on your door for pick-up.

Now it’s your turn to save.  

Click HERE and use code MEAL40 to get 40% off your entire order! Valid through 12/14/16.

    • Valid only for first time shoppers

    • Discount up to $50

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