Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day 2016

by Meghann on September 5, 2016

Today I’m thankful for…

  • sisters who live nearby and will randomly meet you at Walt Disney World with less than 24hrs notice.
  • living so close to the happiest place on earth.
  • surprisingly light Labor Day crowds.
  • Annalynn’s cousins and the amazing adventures they’re going to have together.
  • every minute I get to spend with my beautiful baby girl.

Today was a good day.

sisters at magic kingdom

kelly and owen at magic kingdom

mommy and annalynn at magic kingdom Little Minnie at Magic Kingdom Little Minnie

Riding Dumbo with Infant

annalynn meeting daisy Annalynn meeting Daisy Annalynn meeting Minnieannalynn meeting minnie

Magic Carpet Selfie


Magic CarpetsCousins Sharing

Annalynn sleeping in Tula at Disney Group Disney Shot Rainy Day Magic Kingdom Owen sleeping

Oh! And college football being back. Go Noles!

Future Seminole

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