Thursday, September 1, 2016

Annalynn: 11 Months

by Meghann on September 1, 2016

Happy 11 months, Annalynn!

11 months

You’re around 19 lbs, in size 4 diapers, and still in 9-12 month clothes. You love to cruise, have started waving “bye-bye”, and finally have enough hair for a teeny hairclip. Your daddy and I fall more in love with you with each passing day – you’re just so much fun to be around!


You are so. close. to walking!

Annalynn 11 months

You’ve really gotten the hang of “cruising” from object to object in the playroom and love pushing your walker. You can stand for a couple of seconds at a time without support and have taken a couple of tiny steps from daddy to mommy (okay those were more like stumbling while falling into our arms). The idea of walking is definitely there (and you have the BIGGEST smile whenever you try it!), but it hasn’t clicked just yet. You are such a speedy crawler that I think that crawling remain your preferred method of getting around for a while.

You love to share. Your new favorite game is giving away whatever is in your hands and hearing “thank you!” in return. Your face lights up every single time. You share with mommy, daddy, other babies, random strangers, and even the cashiers at Publix.


You’re also starting to really grasp the concept of stacking your toys (besides just knocking them down) and you like to place/drop things in buckets. Your favorite toy is one of those containers that has a lid with a star, circle, square, and triangle cut-out. We can really see you brain working as you try to put the right shape in the right hole. You don’t get it right everytime, but you try really hard to make it work.

Annalynn 11 monts


You still love to eat. I think eating may be one of your favorite activities of all time. I’m constantly getting updates from daycare on how much you enjoy your food. They’ve even told me how much you enjoy other kids’ food. You’re gaining a reputation as a little food thief, little girl. Apparently you’re stealing food right off other kids’ trays!


I’ve pretty much doubled the amount of food I send to daycare with you and you continue gobble up all of it. Your lunchbox usually contains leftover grilled chicken, yogurt, banana, peas, and Cheerios.  You’re also still eating whatever we eat at home for dinner. Tonight we had meatloaf, green beans, and toast. You cleared your tray (and then some).

You’re such a great eater that I’ve actually started ordering you your own kids meals when we go out. I’m impressed with how many places have grilled chicken and steamed veggies/ fresh fruit on the kids menu. I generally request it without the seasoning and you eat a good portion of what’s served.


You’re still nursing like a champ. During the week you’ll nurse once in the morning and once at night, then take 3 bottles at daycare. Over the weekend it’s essentially an open bar and you nurse as much and as often as you want.


I was soooo close to being able to write how you slept through the night this whole month, but you hit some sort of regression earlier this week and have been up at 4:00am the last three nights. Boo…. I’m crossing my fingers that this is just temporary and you’ll return to your awesome sleeping habits shortly. (A mom can dream, right?)

You’re still taking two naps a day and I can attest the second nap is very much needed. There have been a handful of times where you’ve missed your second nap for one reason or another and it definitely showed later on. You’re fighting going naps more than you used to, which makes me nervous.



You still only have two teeth on the bottom, but I think a couple on the top are close to coming in. They’re trying hard to pop through and will hopefully be out before your first birthday. I’m looking forward to an even toothier smile from you.


The countdown to your first birthday has begun! The invitations have been sent, but I still have a ton of DIY projects in the works, including a first year photo album and video!

Annalynn, everyday is just that much better with you in. Love you, baby girl!

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