Monday, August 29, 2016

#WDWMarathon Training: Week 1

by Meghann on August 29, 2016

Hey, BIG NEWS – I survived Week 1!

Even better, I didn’t miss any runs. I know it doesn’t look like much on paper, but I fought for every single one of those miles – and early-morning wake-ups! – this week.

Walt Disney World Marathon Week 1

I’ll start reporting run stats next week, but I averaged just under 12 min/mi in my first week of training. My goal is to get that under 10, so I’ve got quite a bit of work ahead of me. Right now I’m focusing on building back endurance, and then speedwork will start in a few weeks.

My biggest adjustments have been learning to be an early morning riser again and gathering the motivation to get out the door. I’m still in awe of my former self and my dedication to get up that early every. single. day. I wonder if that ability to hop right out of at 5:00am will ever return?!

I’m also realizing that Saturdays are a bit tougher since Annalynn really controls my schedule that day. A friend had invited me to join her for a 6:00 am group run across town, but since I spent Friday night at happy hour with the girls (my first since Annalynn was born!), I felt guilty leaving Derek on solo parent duty for back-to-back bedtime and morning wake-up. I declined, but it ended up being a non-issue when Annalynn slept until 7:30! (which is not the norm, by the way) Turns out I could have met them for the early morning run and been home before Annalynn woke up. However, you know how kids are, if I had gone she would have been up at 6:30am ready to go.  I definitely made the right decision.

So I waited until Annalynn was up and we didn’t end up on the trail until 9. Sounds great in theory (yay – sleep!), but it was HOT. It’s one of my favorite local trails because of all the shade coverage, but even the shade has its limitation. The heat and humidity were killer, and there were a few times I had to stop to borrow one of the multiple fans attached to Annalynn’s stroller to cool off.

Thanks to the fans and shade, little miss was cool as a cucumber. She didn’t even break into a sweat!


I have the cutest running partner, right?

The 9:00am start time isn’t terrible with the shorter distances, but I’m going to need to make some changes when my runs start getting longer. While the rest of the country starts to cool down over the next month, I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be complaining about heat and humidity up until race week. Since Annalynn is still breastfeeding (with no immediate plans to stop), I’ll need to figure out a system that works best for us. Unfortunately I think that either means my Saturday long runs are going to be SUPER early or we’ll change our morning nursing routine.

On another note (since I’ve gotten a few questions on this), breastfeeding has not had an impact on my running (or vice versa). Since Annalynn is almost 11 months old, my boobs don’t feel nearly as “full” as they once did, so going straight from 8 hrs of sleeping (without nursing) to running isn’t an issue. I haven’t had to pump before a run (yet) and have remained perfectly comfortable until Annalynn is up and ready to nurse. I doubt this would have been the case a few months ago, but it’s really a non-issue this far into our nursing journey. I have seen a drop in supply recently, but I think that’s more attributable to other factors (back-to-back traveling, starting my period, dropping feedings, etc.) than this training plan.

However, I should note that the “girls” are still a couple of sizes larger than they once were, which means I still need a lot of extra support in that department. I plan to discuss all of that in an upcoming sports bra post, so stay tuned!

1 week down, 19 more to go!

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