Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Evening Runner

by Meghann on May 11, 2016

It’s happened.

Something I thought was near impossible.

I’ve become an evening runner. Gulp.


When I first started running back in 2008, my then-boyfriend and I would lace up our shoes after work and go for a jog around the block before dinner. As time went on, various evening plans kept messing with my evening run so I switched to mornings and never really looked back. Over the years I’ve met friends or training groups for evening runs on occassion, but I’ve always been the most comfortable (and consistent!) waking well before dawn to get my early run in.

Since Annalynn’s arrival, I’ve struggled to regain that morning running routine. Due to multiple nighttime wake-ups (combined with an inconsistent morning wake-up time), I’m exhausted when my alarm goes off at 6:15 and the idea of waking any earlier is just not appealing at this time. So I’ve had to come up with a plan B, which has honestly been a gradual transition.

While Annalynn’s wake-up time remains terribly inconsistent, her bedtime is becoming a little more routine (knock on wood. knock on wood. PLEASE don’t jinx myself). It started with the goal of taking Maddie for a walk after Annalynn went to bed. The daylight was starting to stretch a little longer into the night and suddenly 7:30 didn’t feel so late. Maddie and I were able to stretch our walks a little longer and I eventually added my running shoes into the mix. We’re still not going longer than 2 miles at a time, but it’s a start and it’s the most consistent I’ve been with any workout routine in the last 8 months.

So this is my new normal. I’m running three nights a week and am THRILLED with that. It’s nice to just have 30 minutes to clear my head on the pavement again. There may be a time when I’ll go back to mornings, but for right now evenings are fine by me.

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