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runDisney Kids Races Diaper Dash

by Meghann on April 19, 2016

Thank you for all of the supportive comments on my previous post. It’s always comforting to know none of us are alone out there. I have a follow up post in the works with some answers to a handful of comments, but I wanted to put up a happy post first.

This weekend Annalynn competed in her first Kids Race at runDisney’s Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side event weekend.


I’m using the term “competed” loosely here, as Annalynn is not yet mobile and is really just mastering sitting up on her own (which, by the way, she is becoming a rockstar at!).

The Kids Races are an adorable tradition at all of the Walt Disney World runDisney event weekends. The races consist of:

  • 12 months and under – Diaper Dash
  • 1-3 years old – 100m dash
  • 4-6 years old – 200m dash
  • 7-8 years old – 400m dash
  • One Mile Run – Open to all children 13 years old & under

I actually attended the Kids Races for the first time during the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon weekend when I was technically a couple of weeks pregnant with our baby girl. Just like any running event – especially a runDisney running event! – all of the energy and excitement was contagious. I had a blast cheering on all of the little ones and couldn’t wait to bring my own kid one day.

Fast forward to September 2015, when registration for the Star Wars Half Marathon weekend opened. I knew I had no business registering for such an expensive half marathon right before giving birth, but the registration for the diaper dash caught my attention. Star Wars would be the last WDW runDisney race of the season and Annalynn would be 6 months. The next WDW runDisney race wouldn’t be until November (Wine and Dine) putting her at 13 months and just a smidge too old for the diaper dash. I knew the chances of her doing any “dashing” at 6 months were slim, but figured it was now or never. So I completed the registration form for my unborn child and crossed my fingers.

diaper dash

Pro tip: Active won’t let you register someone with a future birthdate, so I just put in the date before I completed registration and it worked fine.

As predicted, race day came and Annalynn wasn’t even close to crawling. Turns out that’s not really an issue. After reading multiple diaper dash reviews, I learned the majority of the diaper dash babies aren’t mobile. This was confirmed when I was in the waiting pen for the start line and all of the parents started joking how their kid will just sit there. Good. Mine, too!

The Kids Races happen over the Friday and Saturday of race weekend. I selected Saturday during registration and we drove over that morning to pick-up her packet at the expo. I printed Annalynn’s waiver the night before and had to show my ID at pick-up to collect her bib. For the $15 registration fee she received a bib with her name on it and a race shirt (the smallest size offered was a 2t).


After we collected her packet we walked over to the main expo to look around and have a little fun.


We didn’t last long. About 5 minutes into the expo we had our first diaper blowout while wearing in the carrier. It was terrible. None of the bathrooms in the expo had a changing table! We found a companion bathroom and made it a team effort – Derek cleaned the baby and I wiped down my shirt and the carrier. Luckily we came super prepared with 3 outfit changes for Annalynn, but made the rookie mistake of not having a shirt for myself. It was probably the one time my husband had no problem paying for an overpriced runDisney shirt.  Sigh.

By the time we got done changing Annalynn and myself, it was time for the race to start.


The diaper dash is the final dash of all the dashes. After the last 400 meter dasher crosses the finish line, they roll out the mat at the finish line and walk in all of the diaper dash parents. The set-up is actually pretty amazing.

Carissa (the amazing runDisney announcer) gave Annalynn her pre-raced interview, which she responded by trying to eat the microphone. Typical.

They lined the parents up in rows of four and Annalynn was placed in the first heat. The babies were placed on the mat, the countdown began, and they were off!


[insert the laughing-so-hard-I’m-in-tears emoji]


I thought that maybe Annalynn would spontaneously break out with some crawling, but no dice.


So we did what any good racer would do… we improvised.

wdw2016109447188908_383157738237_dsnyRes-base_dsnyLoc-reg wdw2016109447188860_383157738243_dsnyRes-base_dsnyLoc-reg wdw2016109447188857_383157738240_dsnyRes-base_dsnyLoc-reg

And she finished! Annalynn earned her first runDisney medal!


Woo hoo!

We went through the “post-race buffet” and collected her applesauce, banana, and Clif bar. Then met Dad for a post-race victory photo.


The rubber medals also make excellent chew toys. 😉

Overall, it was a really fun event. As far as Disney is concerned, the price is a bargain for what you get and runDisney already does a great job with putting on rockstar events. My sister and I are already talking about signing Annalynn and Owen up for future runDisney races. We’re looking forward to turning our love of running into a true family affair.

By the way, I LOVE that runDisney photos are now part of PhotoPass!!!!! Since I already have free PhotoPass through my annual pass, I was able to download all of Annalynn’s adorable race photos from my account. Love it.

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