Monday, April 11, 2016

Making It Work

by Meghann on April 11, 2016

Whoa. What a week.

My feet ache, my back aches, and I’m basically a walking zombie, but I officially survived working the largest event of our season and I’m happy to report back it was a major success. Kudos to the fabulous race director and our crew for knocking it out of the park.

It was the first large event I’ve worked since Annalynn was born and, I have to say, it was definitely an adventure. I thought working an event was tough while pregnant, but being pregnant has nothing on a being a breastfeeding/pumping mom of an infant. At least with a belly people are sympathetic and really understanding. With no baby around, the logistics of working an outdoor event for 12+ hour days, four days in a row, made pumping really fun.

I really had no pumping plans before the weekend started, only that I knew I was determined to do it. So I made sure the battery pack for my pump was full Thursday morning and stuck to my guns. That meant pumping in the back of rentals trucks, on the floor of a running store during set-up, and while answering athlete questions while working registration.

I really wish I had thought to take some photos (because looking back I feel pretty bad ass about it), but if I was too busy to duck out for 20 minutes to pump in private, then I was also too busy to get a photo of the process.

So how was I able to pump so openly? With the assistance of a shawl that draped over my shoulders and acted like a cover. Thankfully it was an all-female event and everyone was super understanding. They either assumed I was feeding a baby under my shawl, or had their own pumping stories to share. One grandmother even offered to volunteer while I pumped because her daughter had just finished breastfeeding her grandbaby and she knew how important it was. I even had the chance to educate a few men on how pumping works, which they were completely fascinated by. #normalizebreastfeeding #normalizepumping

By the end of the event I had managed to produce enough milk for my baby while doing everything that needed to be done on site. I’d call that a success. Was it ideal? No. But you gotta do what ya gotta do to make it work.

Derek was on his own with Annalynn all weekend and did a fabulous job being the amazing dad he is. They went to the aquarium on Friday, stayed in their PJs all day on Saturday, and he gave Annalynn her first middle-of-the-night bottle Sunday morning when I had to be out of the house at 3am (she usually wakes to eat at 4am). It was an all-out daddy/daughter weekend and they both loved it.

Since I missed spending the weekend with my baby, I’ve been soaking up my Annalynn time today. You can’t tell by the photo, but Annalynn LOVED the swing at the park.


We had Annalynn’s 6 month photos done last weekend and I just received all of the proofs today. They are gorgeous. Once again, thank you to Jaylin Photography for taking the fabulous photos. I still can’t believe my girl is half a year old!

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