February 2016

Life Updates

by Meghann on February 24, 2016

Hi Friends. Sorry to have disappeared there. Life got a little crazy for a minute and I had to shift my priorities.


The plague that took over our household has finally dissipated, minus a lingering stuffy nose that Annalynn can’t seem to shake. Derek and I are both still in recovery mode, lately we’ve been falling asleep on the couch right after we put Annalynn to bed each night at 8:00 p.m.  Last night I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap, thankfully it only fell to the pillows of the couch, instead of directly to the floor.

I recently started a new job (still in the same company, just a different department), which has been a fun new adventure to embark on. I’ve had the same role for 3 years now and, while I’ve really enjoyed my former role, I’m looking forward to a fresh start in a new position. So far I’m really loving it. I’m learning a ton and re-discovering new passion for a company I’ve always loved.


I do have some big news on the family front. Annalynn will be welcoming TWO boy cousins into the family this summer.

That’s right, both my sister-in-law and sister recently discovered they’re expecting boys. We’re pumped. Two more adorable nephews to spoil and snuggle with. I’m one proud aunt over here.

Right now life is moving about a million miles a minute. The weekdays are tough and super busy, but they make the weekends worth it ten times over. Annalynn is growing like a weed and I can’t believe she’ll be 5 months on Tuesday (holy crap?!). Her little personality grows and shines everyday.

FSU Onesie

I’m doing good. I get in walks when I can, and try not to take a single moment with my family for granted. I’m going to try hard to get some more blog posts up in the next couple of weeks, including some exciting updates with Brooks Running! I was trying to move away from so many baby-related posts, but then discovered I don’t have much else to write about since that’s pretty much all my life is at the moment. 🙂

Thank you for your patience!



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