Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Dreaded First Daycare Cold

by Meghann on January 28, 2016

It is upon us, the dreaded first daycare cold. I knew she would be more prone to illnesses in daycare, but I didn’t realize it would happen this quickly. Not even a week into our new routine and she’s already throwing us for a loop.

Annalynn developed a stuffy nose over the weekend and it really intensified on Monday.  A sick baby isn’t something I would wish on my worst enemy. It breaks my heart every time I hear her struggle to breathe properly through her nose and there’s really nothing I can do for it. I’ve googled my little heart out, spoke with her doctor, garnered all the advice from fellow mommas,  bought a humidifier, sucked her little nose with a Nose Frieda, used saline drops, etc. but nothing makes it all better. As my doctor said, really the only thing we can do is let it run its course, which kills me.

Despite the terrible congestion, she’s still our happy go-lucky baby during the day. She smiles, I smile, and I forget that she scared me 10 seconds before with a cough that brought me to tears. The nights are terrible, especially the first. The only way she would sleep was propped in our arms, so both Derek and I were up all night with her. We were able to prop her mattress the next night, which helped a lot. She’s still getting up more than usual, but at least we’re able to get her back down after she’s up.

I know this is building her immune system. I know it could be way, way worse. I know it’s harder on me than it is on her. But this momma would walk to the end of the earth and back if it meant my little girl never has a stuffy nose again.

This too shall pass, until then I’m going to comfort my little girl any way I can.

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