Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day in the life: 1/13/16

by Meghann on January 13, 2016

A day in the life of a new working pumping mom of a 3 month old. 

12:28 AM:  Baby starts to stir. I wasn’t home to put Annalynn to sleep that night due to a work event, so I practically jump out of bed to feed her. I soak in the midnight cuddles and watch in awe as she nurses.

12:37 AM: Annalynn pulls off, lets out a sigh, and closes her eyes. I gently set her back in the pack ‘n’ play and turn the lights off before going back to bed.

3:32 AM: Baby is back up. I pick her up quickly and grab my phone to check Facebook.

3:39 AM: Annalynn pulls off and I gently put her back in the pack ‘n’ play. I turn the lights off and go back to bed.

3:45 AM: My eyes pop open. Annalynn is still tossing and turning. Dang it. I reluctantly turn the light back on and put her on the other boob to nurse.

3:52 AM: She pulls off again and this time I believe she’s finaly asleep. I put her down and cross my fingers as I go back to bed.

6:30 AM: Alarm goes off – time to get up. I sneak out of bed and let Maddie out.

6:35 AM: The baby is stirring, but I need to shower before I can get her up. I quickly jump in to wash off my body while keeping my hair dry. I jump out almost as quickly as I got in.

6:45 AM: I pick Annalynn up and bring her to her room to change her diaper. She starts cooing and my boobs start leaking. I quickly grab two diapers, one for the baby and the other for my chest.

6:55 AM:  I bring Annalynn to the couch and nurse her while turning on the Today show. She keeps pulling off and smiling at me. Part of me wants to keep her at the task at hand, but the other part loves the morning smiles.

7:05 AM: Annalynn goes in the bouncer in the kitchen while I make breakfast and start prepping my lunch and pump bag for the day. I sing songs, do funny dances, and play “peak-a-boo” while making my way around the kitchen.


7:20 AM: Breakfast is done. I eat my food on the living room while playing with Annalynn on the floor. We do tummy time and play with some of her favorite toys.


7:30 AM: I scoop Annalynn off the floor and feed the dog before handing Annalynn off to her dad (who is still in bed). She “sits” on his stomach while I rummage through my closet asking for her opinion on what to wear. She smiles as I pull out a few shirt options and reaches out when I bring them near her.

7:35 AM: I get dressed and finish my hair. Meh. This will do.

7:40 AM: Finish packing my lunch, the pump bag, and check my purse to make sure I have everything I need.

7:45 AM:  Last baby snuggles before I head out the door!


7:50 AM: Leave for work.

8:35 AM: Arrive at work. After two days of terrible traffic, this time feels amazing!

9:15 AM: It’s a co-worker’s birthday. Donuts and gummies are consumed.


10:00 AM: Pump time. My first pump of the day is always my best. I fill two bottles with a total of 9.5 oz (only sharing numbers because I’m always curious what other people pump. I’ll do another post with more pumping details once I’ve had a little more time under my belt)


11:45 AM: My meeting reminder goes off and I have no idea where the morning went. My co-worker and I head out of the office for an off site meeting.

12:30 PM: Back in the office and I realize I left my phone in my co-worker’s care. Fail. I waste 15 minutes going back to the parking garage to claim it.

1:00 PM: Time to pump again. This time I get a comfortable 6 oz.


1:20 PM: Finally get a chance to eat my lunch. Today’s eats include a roast beef pita, cantaloupe, and sparkling water.


4:00 PM: Last pump of the day. 4.5 oz.


5:30 PM: Quittin’ time! Pack up my stuff and head home.

6:20 PM: Finally make it home and head straight to Annalynn for kisses and snuggles.

6:30 PM: Nurse Annalynn while Facetiming my parents (who are also Facetiming Kelly on the other iPad – it was a big family Facetiming party). She finishes nursing and coos for Amma and Pop Pop.

6:50 PM: Give Annalynn a bath. She loves her baths.

7:00 PM: Enjoy a few more snuggles on the couch before bed time.


7:10 PM: Prep Annalynn for bed.

7:15 PM: Nurse Annalynn while eating the yummy bean soup Derek made for dinner.


7:40 PM: Move Annalynn to the pack ‘n’ play for the night

8:00 PM: Prep tomorrow’s bottles and freeze the extra. Annalynn usually drinks about 11 oz while I’m gone.


8:05 PM: Clean the bottles and pump parts.

8:15 PM: Start writing this blog post while watching The Daily Show with the husband.

9:00 PM: Head to bed and cross my fingers for a good night of sleep.

Good Night!

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