Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The First Two Days

by Meghann on December 22, 2015

We did it! We survived our first two days!


Oh, how I love this baby girl!

Here’s what I learned:

Getting out the door is the hardest part

I cried pretty much the whole drive to work, but as soon as I got to the office it was smooth sailing. I immediately dove back into work and was able to pick up almost exactly where I left off. I was so busy that the day flew by. It was also nice to see my co-workers again. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed talking to them every day. Trust me, I still missed my baby like crazy and checked-in approximately 100 times in an eight hour period, but I knew she was in good hands and I enjoyed my adult time.

There’s going to be some trial and error

I panicked when I received a text from my husband that Annalynn was refusing her bottle. After only drinking 2oz after her first nap, she was flat out refusing anything after her second nap. She’s never had two bottles in a row before and obviously knew something was up. Luckily Derek immediately dove into problem solving mode and, after some trial and error, decided to try swaddling her. The swaddle calmed her down and she took all 4oz like a champ.

Pumping sucks

Okay, so I knew pumping sucked before I went back, but there’s a big difference between pumping once every-other-day and pumping three times a day. I’m sorry to be blunt, but my nipples HATED me the first day. It was better the second day, but I think they were still in shock from it all. And, as much as it sucked, I’ll also admit it was nice to have three breaks automatically built into my day. I used the time to check in on Annalynn and decompress a bit.

On another note, I am already OBSESSED with the Rose Bra by the Dairy Fairy that I ordered via Amazon last week. I had originally purchased the Medela hands free pumping bra (which is essentially a tube top with a zipper up the front and holes for the nipples), but was dreading having to put it on and take it off every time I needed to pump. The Rose Bra is a real bra with great support that you can wear all day and still pump in. I love it so much that I’ve ordered two more. If you pump at work, I cannot recommend this bra enough!

The morning smiles and evening snuggles are the best

I treasured every second with Annalynn before and after work. I was worried she would instantly forget me, but that wasn’t the case. Deep down she knows I’m still her mama, those big smiles say it all.


Granted, it’s only been two days and it helped knowing it would be a short week. I think our next real challenges will be when I return to work again after the New Year, and then when she starts daycare on January 19th. Gulp.

One day at a time. One day at a time.