Friday, December 11, 2015

Favorite Things 2015 + Brooks Giveaway

by Meghann on December 11, 2015

It’s that time of year again. Time to shop for the ones we love and – who am I kidding? – ourselves a little bit, too. Every December I like to compile a list of my favorite things from that years. Since I was pregnant for 9+ months of 2015, it only made sense to include some pregnancy related items to this year’s list.  Enjoy!

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Disney Puzzles

My parents and I really got into puzzles over the summer. While I was pregnant, a puzzle was a nice distraction to keep my mind occupied on something that wasn’t baby related and it allowed me to zone out and relax for a couple of hours a day. If you’re looking for a solo activity that gives you some time to breathe, I highly recommend putting a puzzle together.

Beauty and the Beast Puzzle

Thomas Kincaid has a Disney inspired puzzle series that I love. I purchased the Beauty and the Beast puzzle at Magic Kingdom over the summer and put it together in less than 24 hours. Then I promptly ordered the Cinderella and Little Mermaid versions off of Amazon. They’re great semi-difficult puzzles that highlight my favorite movies from my childhood.

Little Mermaid Puzzle Cinderella Puzzle

Adult Coloring Books

adult coloring book

I know adult coloring books have become “the” thing this year. Just like a puzzle, it’s a great solo activity that allows you to zone out and concentrate on something that isn’t related to XYZ. Since having the baby, I haven’t been able to do a puzzle like when I was pregnant so I switched to the adult coloring books, which are great to relax with after the baby has gone to bed for the night.

Floating Charm Necklace

I bought a floating charm necklace for my sister and mother-in-law last Christmas and loved it so much that I bought one for myself a couple of months later. I love how they can be personalized for the individual and you can continue to add on/ subtract as life changes.

floating charm necklace

As an extra bonus, you can find fun & unique charms on Etsy. That’s where I found my Mickey Ears and FSU charm.

Sono B Fetal Doppler

Sono B Fetal Doppler

This one is pregnancy related. I bought the Doppler when I was 10 weeks pregnant and continued to use it right up until I gave birth. Since I had previously had an MMC, being able to hear the heart beat anytime I wanted helped put my mind at ease. It was also nice to have when I started panicking when the baby would have a slow day and not be moving around as much.


Yep, another pregnancy related one. I purchased the Snoogle at 16 weeks and slept with it every day after. I had a hard time getting comfortable without being able to sleep on my belly, so the Snoogle really helped. I 100% recommend this for any expecting moms.


I was able to sleep on my stomach again almost as soon as we came home from the hospital and promptly discarded the Snoogle in the closet. Less than a week later the Snoogle was back on the bed. Apparently my husband would sleep with it whenever I was traveling and fell in love. Now HE sleeps with is every night. So Snoogles also work for husbands.

Brooks Joyride Pants & Hoodie

Brooks Joyride Pants Brooks Joyride Hoodie

The Joyride Pants & Hoodie are made with a DriLayer sheep-ish wool blend that naturally wicks moisture, inhibits odors, and regulates body temperature. The pieces resemble super comfy lounge wear that you can also run in. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to put the run portion to the test thanks to the unseasonably warm winter we’ve been having (seriously, where’s my cold temps?), but I can attest to the lounge aspect. The JoyRide pants have an super stretchy wide waistband that was able to transition easily from my late pregnancy to post-partum period. They were great for the early newborn days when I wasn’t leaving the house and living in sweats. Who am I kidding? I’m still living in sweats.

Brooks Holiday Prize Pack Giveaway

In the spirit of the holidays, who’s ready to win some prizes?!?

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