Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Annalynn: Two Months

by Meghann on December 1, 2015

Happy Two Months, Annalynn!

2 months

Oh, how you’ve grown in the last month! Somehow you went from a teeny, tiny newborn to a chunky, smiling baby in the blink of an eye. Your official two month appointment isn’t until later this week, but I’m guessing you’re over 11 pounds now. You’re also very comfortable in all of your 3 month clothing and recently moved up to size 2 diapers.



Month 2 has been a big month in the milestone department! You’ve become a pro at following people/objects by turning your head and all the tummy time is starting to pay off. You surprised Mommy last week when you went from barely lifting your head off the ground to lifting yourself to a full cobra position in a matter of seconds.


I was Facetiming with your Pop at the time, and he got a good chuckle when I started going crazy trying to remember how to take a screenshot on the iPad to capture the moment. Luckily you’ve been able to lift up a few more times so that mom could get plenty of photos.


You even managed to to flip from your tummy to your back a few times. You’re getting stronger, girl!

I think one of my favorite milestones this month has been all of those beautiful smiles you’re finally starting to share.


Mommy and Daddy’s new favorite activity is making funny faces to try and get you to smile. It works for the most part, otherwise you just give us a questioning side eye wondering what the heck we’re doing.


You’re also starting to grab and hold onto things, mainly things that are attached to mom. You love grabbing my hair, my clothes, my nipples, etc. Basically anything you can get a hold of. We’re still working on grabbing a hold of toys, but you did show off some grabbing skills with your 2 Month sticker today.

grabbing sticker


I think you finally “woke up” around the 6 week mark. You basically went from a super-sleepy newborn who could barely keep her eyes open during the day, to a wide-eyed baby who expected to be entertained at all times. You also stopped naturally napping on your own, which made mommy go a little crazy trying to figure out what was happening.

Per the recommendation of an awesome friend, I devoured “Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child” in a couple of days and immediately started implementing some of the book’s teachings into our daily routine. It took a few days of practice (at first you wouldn’t sleep for longer than 15 minutes in your crib), but you eventually grew more comfortable in your room and we were able to successfully transition you to napping in your crib at 7 weeks. We’re getting better at watching your cues so we know when you’re tired/ready to nap (big yawn, slower arm movements, etc.) and we’re following the rule of only one to two wakeful hours between naps. We’ve even nailed down a bit of a nap time routine that includes swaddling, the white noise machine, and the glider. We’re currently practicing putting you in the crib right before you fall asleep, which isn’t hard since you usually wake up when we put you in the crib anyway. For the most part you’ll look around the room for a few minutes before closing your eyes and falling asleep.


You’re still sleeping in the Pack ‘n’ Play next to my side of the bed at night and average 1-2 wake ups per night with your longest stretch of sleep at 6 hours.


We started a Water Babies class this month and I have to say it’s my favorite mommy & baby activity we’ve done thus far. You love the water and especially love floating on your back.


The class involves a lot of splashing, kicking, and singing. It’s quite the baby workout!


I’m happy to report that we’re still going strong with breastfeeding! Despite the super rocky start, nursing has become the highlight of my day. I love the special bond we share and I couldn’t be prouder of those delicious rolls that momma’s milk helped create.

You love to nurse and you love the comfort of being close to mom. You can also take a bottle from dad like a champ. He’s been giving you one once a week just to make sure you stay used to the bottle. I go back to work in a few weeks (wahhhhhhhh) and my boobs are unfortunately going with me. Sorry kid – I’m sad, too.


Everyday you grow and change, and it’s so much fun to see your little personality shine through. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings.

xoxo, Mom

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