Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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Let’s be real. I’m a new mom who gave birth via c-section 6 weeks ago.

As much as I’d love to shout it from the roof tops that I have my pre-baby body back and I can zip up my pre-pregnancy jeans without a problem, it would be a big fat lie.

The truth is my pre-pregnancy jeans won’t even make it over my thighs. And despite losing 30 lbs in my first week after giving birth (which I mainly attribute to the baby and fluid), I’ve only lost 4 lbs in the 5 weeks that have followed. I’m still about 16 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight with not much of a plan of how to lose it. Not that I really care about numbers, I’m merely mentioning the fact to prove that I am a real human who, like most real humans, isn’t back at their pre-pregnancy weight overnight.

My body changed a lot during pregnancy. Not only did my belly grow, but so did my breasts, thighs, and arms. I may not have the big baby bump anymore, but I do have a belly pouch, larger-than-normal thighs, and breasts that seem so big they’re unnatural. I’m a new mom, this is to be expected.

I knew going into this that my body would change and I accepted that. If having a healthy, beautiful baby girl meant gaining 50 lbs and never being able to fit in my pants again, I would take those facts in stride. Still, knowing my body would change and getting back in shape would take some time, the struggle to get dressed everyday still sucks. In fact, there are some days I step out of the shower, look at my closet and just plain cry (thanks, hormones!).

I’m in that odd middle ground where I can no longer stand the majority of my maternity clothes, yet am struggling to make my pre-pregnancy clothes work. My biggest problem is my boobs. They’re gigantic and the main reason why a lot of my old tops are tight or are suddenly too revealing (low cut = bad). Not only that, I also have to be conscious of whether an outfit is nursing friendly when I’m getting dressed. Can I unbutton the shirt? Does it lift up easily? Can my child eat without any issues? And as much as I love nursing tanks, I’m not comfortable enough to wear a nursing tank in public without some sort of shirt over it because a) cleavage and b) belly pouch.

I’m usually okay rotating the same 4 or 5 shirts each week and have been living exclusively in black leggings (yep, I’m that mom and I have no shame), but the time has come to temporarily bulk up my wardrobe for upcoming family gatherings (gotta love the holidays!) and eventually returning to work. While I’d like to think my current shape is just temporary, I have no timeline to determine just what “temporary” means.

And I’m not going to lie, shopping for clothes at this stage has been rough. As much as I’d like to think I’m this strong, confident woman who is happy with the way she looks 100% of the time, I’m not. I love my body, but it’s not easy to try something on that’s 2 sizes larger than what you used to wear and still have it be too small. Mix that with hormones, this horrible heat (the heat always makes me cranky), and the fact that I wasn’t even 100% in love with what I was trying on in the first place; and you have a recipe for disaster.

With all that being said, White Plum reached out to me to do a review and giveaway at just the right time. While Annalynn clusterfed one evening, I spent an hour pouring through their site, looking for a couple of outfits that would fit my postpartum figure, were nursing friendly, and could be worn for Thanksgiving.  I placed my order and crossed my fingers they would work. Thankfully they arrived and were just what I was looking for.

Plaid Fad Collared Dress

thanksgiving outfit

Though I wish it was a tad longer (I’ll probably pair it with leggings/tights for Thanksgiving), I love this dress. I’m wearing the medium, which fits loose and comfortably – just as it’s intended. I love that it’s not clingy and does a great job of covering the belly pouch. The buttons mean the dress is nursing friendly and the color is perfect for fall. There were no tears when trying this on, a huge bonus!

Catie Sweater Dress

Catie Sweater dress

I walked out of the bedroom in this and my husband told me I officially look like a mom. Mom mantra: when in doubt, add a cardigan. I love this dress, but it’s a little too form fitting over my breasts. I added the cardigan and it seemed to draw attention away from the ladies. The material is really stretchy, which means the semi-low cut top can easily be pulled down for nursing. While I probably wouldn’t recommend pulling it down constantly to nurse (and stretching it out too much), I’m sure I could get away with doing it for short outings when a dress is needed.

Log Cabin Leggings

holiday leggings

And as a new mom who is living almost exclusively in leggings, you know I had to throw some holiday patterns in the mix. Sometimes leggings can just be fun. 🙂

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