Sunday, November 1, 2015

Annalynn: One Month

by Meghann on November 1, 2015

Happy One Month, Baby Girl!

1 month update

A month already?!? Where does the time go?!?

We went out to dinner on Friday night (and by “out to dinner” I mean to the local quick-service taco place down the street) and there was a teeny-tiny newborn there that made my baby look so grown up in comparison. It’s amazing how much babies change in such a short amount of time. In the span of a month, Annalynn went from this teeny-tiny creature that I was afraid of breaking, to this active little person who loves to kick, squirm, and see the world.


My little peanut still fits into her newborn clothes, but is also starting to rock her 0-3 month stuff. Mama is very happy about that fact, as we only had a handful of newborn sizes and she goes through a lot of outfit changes in a week. Three cheers for an expanded wardrobe!


Annalynn loves going for walks in the stroller, especially doing laps around the mall where she likes to look around and take everything in. She also loves being worn in the K’Tan, which is great for when mama needs both of her hands to accomplish a task.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 1.56.39 PM

We had our first big outing last week when we met the rest of my family at a pumpkin patch about 35 minutes from our house. I was a little nervous since Annalynn has been cluster feeding a lot recently, but she handled it like a champ. I nursed her when we first arrived and nursed her when we were ready to leave. Besides that, she pretty much slept the rest of the time.


Annalynn also celebrated her first Halloween yesterday.

1st Halloween

And by “celebrate” I mean we took a cute first Halloween photo then turned all the lights off in the house and pretended we weren’t home. Maybe next year we’ll do a little more celebrating, but for now mama’s milk is all the “treats” she needs. 😉

By the way, we’re finally starting to really nail this whole breastfeeding thing (full update HERE). Baby girl is starting to latch like a pro (with the assistance of the nipple shield still) and we’re even starting to master nursing public with a cover. Unfortunately Annalynn LOVES to cluster feed, which has been a tough new development for both of us. There are some days when we really don’t leave the couch. The evenings are usually the hardest, as all she wants to do is eat from 6pm-10pm. However; we’re really lucky that she’s usually a good sleeper after cluster feeding (*knock on wood*) and we had our first 5 hr stretch of sleep last week (woo hoo!).

Speaking of sleep, oh how I miss thee. Today also marks a month since our last full night of sleep. I have to keep telling myself that this is all short term (gulp) and we’ll eventually get to sleep through the night again. Maybe I’ll learn to master the “sleep when the baby sleeps” thing everyone is talking about, but if I did that, when the heck would I get crap done?!


The first month with Annalynn has been nothing short of amazing (even with  little-to-no sleep and initial stress over breastfeeding). I look forward to seeing what the next month brings!




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