Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pregnancy: 37 Weeks

by Meghann on September 20, 2015

We’ve reached full term! Sort of, I know 40 weeks is really full term, but basically if I were to go into labor now they wouldn’t stop it.

37 weeks

Baby girl is now the size of a bunch of swiss chard.

We’re down to weekly appointments, which means I have to drive to the doctor office every Thursday to pee in a cup, have my blood pressure taken, and listen to the baby’s heart on the doppler (a sound that NEVER gets old). I had an awesome nurse practitioner this week who informed me she also has a bicornate uterus and had to have a c-section due to her first baby being breech, BUT she was also able to have a successful VBAC when her second baby presented head down. That story gave me hope and made me smile.

We didn’t have an ultrasound this week, but from what they could feel from the outside, they’re saying she’s still transverse. And I can tell you from comfort level that baby girl’s head is still lodged on my left side (a side she has favored for the last 10 or so weeks). In fact, you can tell how terribly disproportional my belly is in the photo the hubs took during our weekly photo session:


Can you see how the bump is greater on the left side? Yep, that’s all baby girl making herself comfy over there.

Derek and I had our hospital tour today. We meant to take one earlier, but with our travel schedules, the fact that they only offer the tours on Sundays, and how they seem to fill up pretty fast, this was the first weekend we had free. We were definitely the farthest along in the group, but I’m actually glad we waited so everything will be fresh in our minds on baby day.

Fun fact: our daughter will actually be born in the same hospital as her dad! This is a fact that didn’t occur to me until today. I love it because I was actually born in the same hospital as my dad, so we’ll have that little fact in common. 🙂

The hospital tour was really informative and answered a lot of questions that Derek and I had. We’re such a newbies that it was nice to have our minds set at ease over a lot of things.

The hospital had also called earlier in the week to go over all of my pre-op stuff, which was also very informative. It’s kind of surreal how a scheduled c-section goes. Basically we check-in, go through admitting, go straight to pre-op, they wheel you into surgery, and then you have the baby. There’s no crazy build-up, no waiting in your room first, nada. It’s amazing how quickly we’ll get to meet our baby girl after we arrive.

I can’t believe how close we’re getting. Less than two weeks until baby girl is here! It’s definitely starting to feel real!

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