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by Meghann on August 20, 2015

In the last 6+ years (holy crap, it will be 7 years next month!!) of blogging, I’ve received hundreds of emails with question ranging anywhere from how a certain food is prepared, to where I purchased a certain item, to how I stay so awesome (okay, I made that one up). BUT the most questions I receive are of the, ahem, personal matter; particularly in reference to running. Those questions mainly focus on: tummy issues while running, periods while running, sports bra recommendations, and the great underwear while running question. Yes, underwear. Should you wear it? Not wear it? It’s a topic of hot debate.

When I first started running many years ago I knew absolutely nothing. I did not have any running friends and the internet blogging boom hadn’t exactly hit yet. I’ve wrote a post about my evolution of running clothes before (see here), but let’s just say I ran in a lot of cotton – including cotton underwear.


Over time I learned that cotton wasn’t exactly the best material to run in. It isn’t breathable, it isn’t sweat wicking, and it can cause a lot of chafing. Eventually I started trading out my cotton tops and bottoms for more breathable, dry-wicking fabric, but it took me longer to switch out the underwear game. For some reason it didn’t click right away that if you wouldn’t wear cotton anywhere else while running, why the heck would you wear it for your most sensitive areas?


It took a lot of education and some trial-and-error to finally convince myself that underwear really isn’t needed for the majority running shorts. You see, they have nifty built-in liners that act as underwear while you run. It’s breathable, it’s comfortable, and it doesn’t feel like you’re going commando – it feels like you’re wearing underwear. Once I made the switch, I never looked back. Good-bye sticky underwear – hello, running comfort!


Now, running shorts with built-in underwear are awesome, but do you know what isn’t awesome? Capris, running tights, and running booty shorts without underwear. Let’s just say that all of the seams without a barrier is not a good situation – especially on long runs. It only took a couple of runs of going commando in capris to realize that, while they were made to be worn without underwear, it just wasn’t working for me. Ouch. Big time. No one likes that kind of chafing.

So for cases when underwear is a necessity while running, they do make seamless, breathable options that are specifically designed to protect your lady parts during long runs. Like the Out of Sight and Workout line from Moving Comfort.


I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference this underwear makes. The Moving Comfort underwear features technical wicking fabric, free-cut leg openings, sew-free seams, and antimicrobial finish. It’s really night and day between my usual cotton briefs and these babies, which essentially don’t even feel like they’re there.

So in the great debate of underwear while running, I’m down the middle. I say it’s not needed for any running shorts with a built-in liner. However, it’s a requirement (for me!) for capris, running tights, or any spandex-type running shorts. I would recommend staying away from cotton in these situations, and instead check out underwear that is particularly designed for runners. Moving Comfort is just one example in a list of many – check out your local running store for comfortable alternatives.

Do you go commando while running?

I am a Brooks Blog Ambassador and was sent the Moving Comfort products for free. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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