Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Day in the Life – 8/12/15

by Meghann on August 13, 2015

5:40am – Ding! Ding! (Well, actually it’s more of a soothing musical chime…) Alarm goes off. Press snooze and roll over. Five minutes. All I need is five more minutes.

5:45am – Ding! Ding! Has 5 minutes really passed? 5 more won’t hurt. I promise to get up after that.

5:50am – Ding! Ding! This time Maddie is in my face. She’s licking, jumping, and begging to go out. Fine. Time to get up. I let Maddie out and get dressed.

6:05am – Maddie and I head out for our morning walk around the neighborhood. Thanks to back-to-back travel, I haven’t been for a run in two weeks and I’m okay with that. I think I’m going to stick to walking from here on out. I’m also rocking my new maternity belt. It didn’t help much for running, but I think it does make a difference on our walks.


6:50am – Return home and head for the shower.

7:05am – Turn on the Today show and eat a breakfast of peach, peanut butter, and a bagel with cream cheese while sitting on the couch in my robe.


7:30am – I didn’t wash my hair today (if I washed my hair everyday it would turn into a greasy mess), so I just pull it into a pony tail and do my makeup (I never wore make-up before pregnancy – stupid brown spots).

7:45am – Getting dressed today was easy thanks to a new cardigan I just received from PinkBlush Maternity. I’ll do a full review later, but already digging what I received!


7:55am – Throw leftovers in a bag for lunch. Confirm plans with Derek for the baseball game after work.

8:05am – Hop in the car and head to work.

8:20am – What is up with this traffic? Is school back in session? Does this mean summer is over? Wahhhhh.

8:50am – Arrive at work – FINALLY. Continue to curse traffic.

9:05am – Sit at my desk and turn the computer on. Time to answer approximately 500 emails and get shiz done.

10:00am – OMG I’m starving. Pull out cheese curds (because who visits Wisconsin and doesn’t bring cheese curds home?!) and pretzels thins for my snack.


12:30pm – Lunch time! I reheat leftover taco salad and it’s amazing.


2:00pm – Baby is really moving today. A body part is really jutting out of my left side and making sitting straight really uncomfortable. What is that? A butt? Her back?

4:00pm – I snack on some applesauce.


5:45pm – Leave work about 15 minutes early and head to St. Pete to meet Derek for the baseball game. His co-workers all got tickets for tonight’s game. My co-worker asks me who we’re playing as I’m leaving. Hmm… I have no idea. Let me google that… ( we played the Braves 😉 )

6:15pm – Meet Derek at his office and switch to one car to drive to the stadium. Facetime with the cutest nephew on the way. Owen turned 1 today and celebrated with balloons and cake.

6:45pm – Arrive at stadium, park, and make our way over.

7:10pm – I stop and buy a Rays tank top on the way in because the only Rays shirt I currently own is a child’s size and clearly doesn’t fit at the moment.



7:30pm – We find our seats and I indulge in a ballpark favorite – hot dog and French fries. Please note I could only eat half. As baby grows the size of my stomach is shrinking.


9:30pm – We leave at the 7th inning. Let’s just say it wasn’t the Ray’s night.

10:30pm – Home! Finally. I can’t get in my jammies fast enough. It’s past my bedtime and I’m exhausted.

Sweet dreams.

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