Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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At the beginning of pregnancy my mom asked what type of pregnant woman I was going to be – one that likes to show the bump with tight shirts like my sister (who looked freaking amazing her entire pregnancy) or one who wears more of the traditional loose and flowing shirts like my mom rocked back in the day. As I enter the third trimester, I think I’ve finally settled into my “maternity look.”  Turns out I’m somewhere in between my sister and my mom. I prefer tanks tops, cardigans, bump defining belts, and maxi dresses.

maternity Collage

Can I just take a minute to talk about how amazing maxi dresses are? They are seriously a pregnant woman’s dream. I’ve bought 5 since becoming pregnant (on top of the ones I already owned) and would buy 10 more if I could. They’re flattering on the bump, super comfortable, and I can get away with wearing my insanely comfortable pregnancy granny panties underneath.

The truth is I hate maternity shorts/pants. It’s way too hot for the full panel and the half panels just roll down. I found a couple of work pants that have the side panels (which I love!), but those are harder to find. Maxi dresses just make it easier. No need to worry about an extra paneling layer on the belly and no need to worry about your shirt rolling up and exposing the bottom of the bump. It’s seamless and simple.

White Plum recently sent me their extremely comfortable Santa Monica Maxi Dress, which I’m currently obsessed with.


It’s very loose and flowy so I added a belt to give the bump a little definition. I also loved pairing the black dress with a turquoise necklace I already own for a pop of color.


The dress worked great for the office last week, as well as for my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower over the weekend.


In fact, I was so comfortable in the dress that when everyone else changed into shorts and tshirts for our girls night, I decided to just keep the dress on. Lord knows staying in the cotton dress was 10 times better than messing with the full panel shorts I had originally packed for the occasion.

With the dress, I also received some fun accessories. I’ve never actually received accessories from White Plum, so it was fun to try them.

First up: Accona Leather Sandal.


Another pregnant woman’s dream – flat sandals. I’m really not a fan of heels in general, but especially not a fan while pregnant. The sandals were cute and also really comfortable. I love the design and how they’re office friendly.

Iman Layered Necklace

This was a fun surprise I was not expecting. In fact, I almost threw the packaging away when I thought I heard something rattling inside. Turns out there was an adorable double necklace that I’ve been wearing all week. Unfortunately every photo I tried to take of myself actually wearing the necklace turned into a close-up cleavage shot, so you’ll just have to marvel at the photo direct from White Plum’s site. 😉

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