Wednesday, July 1, 2015

5 Life Updates

by Meghann on July 1, 2015

1.  Derek and I spent all of last weekend binge watching the Fast & Furious series. Over the course of three days we watched all six movies.  Neither of us had seen the entire series and figured, why not. Now we’re itching for the seventh to make its way to iTunes. Surprisingly, after so many hours of watching fast cars do stupid stuff, I’m not the least bit inclined to drive faster. I think I’ll stick to my granny speed. However, the movies did make me a bit nostalgic for my old manual car. There’s something oddly thrilling about shifting gears.


2.  I signed up for baby’s second race! My sister and I will be running the RWB Firecracker 4 Miler on the Fourth of July. The entire run takes place on the beach (yikes!), so it’s a good thing neither of us are planning on any PRs. Kelly actually ran the same race last year when she was 36 weeks pregnant. If she could do it, then so can I.

kelly 36 weeks

3.   I’m really, really loving our pool lately. I’ve been in it almost every day the last couple of weeks. I haven’t actually been swimming (strictly floating), but floating is pretty awesome. It’s just me, my iPod, and my new favorite float.


(the photo is a couple of months old, but you get the idea)

4.    I’ve been dealing with some crazy brown spots on my face lately (yay, pregnancy!), so my co-worker and I took a field trip to Sephora last week for some heavy duty concealer/ foundation to combat it. I haven’t bought/used foundation or concealer in years and had absolutely no idea what to buy. They sent me to the beauty bar, where a nifty machine took a photo of my skin in three places for an accurate color match. After all my info was in the system, the computer matched me with what colors would work best, then we narrowed everything down based off of needs, skin type, etc. The whole process was really cool and I just felt like sharing in case anyone else is as clueless about make up as I am. I even had the associate show me how to apply it and purchased everything she used in the process.


5. It’s almost the weekend! I hope everyone has a relaxing holiday weekend! 🙂       

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