Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pregnancy: 25 Weeks

by Meghann on June 28, 2015

We made it to week 25! Baby R is now the size of a rutabaga.

25 weeks


Good news – we have a dresser in the nursery!


The Hemnes dresser had been sitting unassembled in our garage for weeks. It’s one thing to buy a dresser from Ikea, it’s another to actually put it together. The whole project took way longer than expected (over 4 hours!) and thankfully only resulted in one argument (over a power drill – apparently I can’t be trusted with power tools). The good news is we survived and the dresser looks awesome. Win-win. We also vowed not to assemble another Ikea dresser for at least three years. Deal.

After admiring our work, we were inspired to get our shiz together and work on the registry. So a morning of dresser assembling was followed by an afternoon of registry building. We’re still not 100% done with it (are you ever done with a registry?), but it’s definitely getting there.

In other news, I bought a $10 plastic step stool so I can continue to shave my legs in the shower.


Why didn’t I buy this sooner? So much better than the crazy balancing act I was doing. Big belly or not, this baby is sticking around.

Also, nose bleeds. This is a symptom I’ve had for a couple of weeks, but keep forgetting to mention it on here. I had a really bad one the other week and turned into an emotional mess when I accidentally got blood on a new shirt. Thankfully my amazing husband stepped in, immediately treated the shirt, and got the blood out. That’s a true Prince Charming – a man who will not only bring you tissues when your nose starts spontaneously bleeding, but also washes the blood out of your shirt for you. I knew I married him for a reason.

Finally, belly buttons. Mine is still a deep innie with no sign of popping anytime soon (or ever). In fact, I still have my belly button ring in. I’m prepared to take it out when it’s ready to come out, but it still has plenty of room to move and isn’t strained.

Did your belly button pop? If so, what week did it pop? 

I’m pretty convinced mine isn’t going to pop, but I still have 15 weeks to go. I guess anything is possible?

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