Wednesday, June 3, 2015

5 Truths About Running While Pregnant

by Meghann on June 3, 2015

Happy National Running Day!


It’s no secret how much running means to me. What started as something I did to lose weight 7 years ago has turned into so much more. Running is my therapy, it’s my strength, and it’s who I am.  I love running. It’s that simple.


I’ve been really lucky to have been able to continue running through this pregnancy. Though I do have some restrictions in place, my doctor has been really great with encouraging me to stay active and continue to do what I love. With that being said, I thought it would be amusing to reveal some truths when it comes to running while pregnant. Most of these I was warned about, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t take me by surprise when I started making my way into the second trimester!

  1. You will fart. A lot.

Pregnancy makes you gassy. Well, at least it makes me gassy. And that gassiness intensifies about 100 times over while running. I’m basically a running fart machine. It’s a good thing that I run when the streets are still quiet and the cars whizzing by can’t hear a peep. Want to know the real reason I run with Maddie? So I always have someone I can blame the flatulence on. Just kidding. Sort of.

  1. Running will make you poop.

Every pregnancy book/ forum I’ve read talks about how constipated women get during pregnancy. Thanks to running, I have yet to have that problem. So if you’re having problems with not being able to go in your second trimester, please allow me to suggest going for a run. It should clear you right up. While I’ve been enjoying the benefit of staying pretty regular, unfortunately the urge to go starts to creep in around mile 2 and by mile 2.5 I’m waddling to make it home in time. I’ve mapped out a couple of perfect 3 mile loops from my house, but unfortunately none of the routes have access to a public restroom. In fact, there really aren’t any public restrooms close to my house that would make sense if added to a 3 mile route. At this point I’m toying with the idea of creating some 1.5 mile loops that would allow me to make a pitstop at home before continuing on or sticking with a treadmill that would allow me to quickly hop off if I felt the urge to go. However, the idea of the treadmill scares me because, well, see #1. Most people wear headphones when they’re at the gym, right? I’m sure they won’t notice the farting pregnant woman the next treadmill down.

  1. Walking breaks are awesome.

I have NOT been breaking any speed records lately. I’m actually thankful my doctor has encouraged me to take the “run/walk” approach because it means I feel less guilty when I walk. Actually that statement is dumb because walking breaks are awesome. I’ve been doing a “run every two light poles/ walk one light pole” approach and really enjoy it. Since I haven’t been running with a watch (yep, I’ve been running “nekkid” all pregnancy), creating some sort of visual goal for the run/walk helps keep me motivated to keep moving forward.

  1. A good sports bra is invaluable

I’m actually planning to dedicate a whole post to this, but let’s just say going from basically no boobs to big boobs does not come without certain challenges. Like how all of your flimsy Target sports bras suddenly becoming pointless. There was a point where I had to hold my boobs for entire runs to stop the pain. Pet peeve – anyone who tells you to “wait” and buy new bras until after the baby comes because they will continue to grow. While I agree they will (and have) continued to grow, I’m afraid if I would have waited, that there would be no boobs left as they would have ripped off in rebellion. But again, I’ll focus on this in another post. Let’s just say it’s worth the investment of news sports bras (or regular bras, really) periodically through the pregnancy.

  1. Your body is amazing.

When all is said and done, I can’t help but take awe in how amazing the human body is. While I can laugh and joke about flatulence, needing to poop, and sore boobs; I also feel so incredibly lucky and blessed to continue to run relatively pain free (*knock on wood*) at 22 weeks. I know this can change at any moment, so I’m going to take advantage and enjoy every second of it while I can. My body has carried me through an ultra marathon, seven marathons, a full IRONMAN, and now it’s growing a new life. That’s pretty friggin’ awesome.  Thank you, body, for being my secret weapon. You rock.

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