Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Maternity Stitch Fix

by Meghann on May 19, 2015

Oh, maternity clothes, such a tricky and (apparently) touchy subject. I think I need to clarify something from my last post. Yes, I do own maternity clothes. In fact, I’ve been in maternity shorts and pants exclusively since around 12 weeks. I was given a couple of bags of hand me downs from my sister and cousin early in pregnancy, and one of my new hobbies is browsing the online stores and local malls/ Target for anything that looks halfway decent.

Here’s the problems I’m running into:

1)      It’s slim pickins’ out there.

2)      The prices are $$.

I know there are many arguments to both of those problems (there’s more selection online, look at consignment shops, be creative, it’s okay to splurge, etc. etc.), but the truth is maternity shopping just isn’t as fun as I thought would be. Especially since I’m currently in a really awkward in-between stage where the maternity stuff isn’t flattering and neither is the non-maternity stuff. I’m just waiting for the bump to really pop to fill everything out.

So while I’m waiting to pop, I’m filling in the maternity stuff in my wardrobe with non-maternity pieces. However, it’s tricky because something can fit one week and not fit the next – hence the breakdowns. Also, I’m currently not fan of how big my boobs are. I always tend to gain and lose weight in my boobs first. After being everything from a B cup to a D cup through my twenties, I much prefer the B cup. I’m currently filling in DDs and I can’t even begin to imagine how much larger they will grow (shudder).

Right now I’m practically living in maxi skirts and dresses. Thank goodness for dresses! It’s maternity tops I’m really struggling with and I’ve yet to find a style that I prefer. I bought a couple of form fitting cotton tees from Destination Maternity, thinking I would live in those during pregnancy, but I never liked cotton tees before pregnancy, so I’m not sure why I would change my mind during pregnancy. On the plus side, I found a pair of maternity black work pants from Old Navy that I’ve fallen in love with (here’s a link). They’re not full panel, which means they cut the bump off in an awkward spot, but they’re so comfortable. I also have one pair of jeans from Old Navy that I love (linked here). Oh, and my sister gave me a couple of pairs of maternity shorts that I pretty much wear every weekend. So, yeah, it’s the tops I have the issue with.

I promise to come back to the maternity wear conversation once I’ve hit the third trimester and do a full review on my thoughts and what worked versus, what didn’t work. For now, I let’s take a look at my maternity Stitch Fix box.

Click here for a full review of how Stitch Fix works. You can also check out past reviews here, here, here, and here.

I was really excited when Stitch Fix announced maternity fixes right when I was about to hit the second trimester. I thought, perfect – what a fun way to try new maternity clothes/ styles. Ummm… yeah. Famous last words, right? This is actually my second maternity fix, my first fix was so terrible that I didn’t want to blog about it at all. Despite being maternity, everything seemed pretty tiny, not very practical for a summer pregnancy, and wasn’t my style at all. I returned it all and gave very detailed instructions of “loose, comfortable, and mainly dresses” for my next fix.

Here’s what I got:

Pale Sky Lottie Pleated Maternity Blouse

Maternity StitchFix1

(p.s I’m wearing full panel maternity shorts with this top, and the one below.)

I really liked this top when I pulled it out of the box, it’s a really cute pattern and totally my style. I wore it to work and even got a handful of compliments. Due to the loose style, I think it will work great post-partum as well. However, it’s not super flattering and even though it’s maternity, the material doesn’t have a lot of give and I doubt it will last much longer into the third trimester. Still, it’s comfortable and right now it’s working for me.


Market & Spruce Jilian Crochet Detail Tank

Maternity StitchFix2

This top was a clear miss. It’s non-maternity and fits my bump really awkwardly, I actually cringed at the way it looked after the photos were taken. This may have been my style before pregnancy, but it’s not working during pregnancy.


Gilli Kary Drape Front Kit Dress

Maternity StitchFix4

Another clear miss. This fabric is terribly unflattering, especially for someone with a growing bump and rump. I usually love blue (actually, a good majority of my wardrobe is blue), but I just can’t get on board with this shade. The whole dress looks and feels cheap.


Loveapella Shoshana Striped Maternity Dress

Maternity StitchFix3

I actually thought I was going to like this dress when I pulled it out, but after having it on for a few moments, I felt terribly uncomfortable in it. The fabric is pretty thin and hugs every curve. Actually, my husband made a comment about how curvy I was in it. There’s no way I could wear this in public. Plus, the stripes are just unflattering. They make the bump (and everything else) look so much larger than it is.


Gilli Maire Abstract Print Maxi Skirt

Maternity StitchFix5

This was one I wasn’t sure I was going to like. To be honest, the pattern didn’t do much for me. However, when I put it on I fell in love. It’s a ridiculously comfortable skirt and looked great with my black tank. Finally, something flattering!


Not a stellar maternity fix, but definitely better than my first one. I’m going to give it one more shot. Here’s hoping that third time’s a charm?

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