Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pregnancy: Weeks 13 – 15

by Meghann on April 26, 2015

Week 13

13 weeks

Time to tell the world! We went public with our announcement at the start of the 13th week. Pressing “post” was a lot scarier that I thought it would be, but I’m so happy to have the secret out. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulder.

I’m now exclusively in maternity bottoms/ loose fitting skirts and dresses. Basically I’ve given up on all of my old pants. Buttons? Who needs buttons? Stretchy panels are where its at. I’m telling you, maternity pants are AMAZING.

We went to Titusville for Easter weekend and my mom presented Baby R with his/her first Easter basket. How cute is this?

first easter basket

This also led to the first questions of what nursery theme/stroller/ crib set/ etc. we’re looking at. Yikes. I haven’t researched anything yet – clearly I’m behind.

Week 14 

14 weeks

I’m thankful to report I’m almost back to normal this week. The CRAZY hunger has disappeared and I’m not feeling as nauseous. So this is what everyone means when they say it will all get better in the second trimester?

The week flies by thanks to my crazy work schedule. It’s our largest event of the season, which means I’m working 12+ hr days through the weekend. The work is physically and mentally exhausting. When it’s over I sleep a solid 14 hrs and take another solid week to recover.

Week 15

15 weeks

It’s the first week I feel like I’m actually “showing.” Not that I’ve “popped” or anything, but there’s definitely something  there.

The majority of my co-workers know that I’m expecting, but there are still a few who aren’t aware. It’s kind of amusing to run into co-workers in the hallway who don’t know. They’re starting to do the once over where they look at my stomach, have a confused look, then quickly look away. It’s like they think they know something is going on, but don’t want to ask. I find it hilarious and actually commend everyone who hasn’t asked. I have some very respectful, awesome co-workers. Of course, when I do tell them it’s followed by, “I was wondering…”

The bump was definitely feeling out and proud at Walt Disney World this week.


I felt great walking around Disney. I did avoid all of the roller coasters and instead opted for a lot of the theater style attractions or kiddie rides.

Now that I’m all caught up on weekly updates, I’m going to dedicate the next post to week 16. Trust me, it’s one you do not want to miss. 😉

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