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by Meghann on January 22, 2015

When we first started trying for a baby last year, I thought the only “supplies” we would need would be the God-given ones we were born with. Clearly I missed the part of sex-ed where making a baby involved a man, a woman, and a drawer full of endless goodies recommended by close friends and the internet.

Over a year later and I almost laugh every time I open my drawer dedicated to TTC supplies. Let’s just say Amazon and I have been close friends lately.

If someone recommends it, there’s a good chance I’ll try it. Here’s a list of my current “TTC Kit” complete with items I standby each month.

(just a heads up, I’m currently drinking a glass of wine while writing this. please excuse inappropriate jokes or any TMI mentions.)

Fertility Tea


I started drinking the tea at the recommendation of my acupuncturist last spring. The active ingredients are supposed to help regulate ovulation and menstruation. Personally I just think it tastes good. It’s a great calming tea that’s perfect to enjoy right before bed.



I started taking FertileCM the month of my first positive test, and let’s just say it worked. Big time. I really can not recommend it enough.



I’m just throwing this out there because I think it’s hilarious – regular lube is a sperm killer. Yes, ladies, all of those years of trying to prevent pregnancy with this and that, and all you really needed was a tube of lube the entire time. Who knew?

Okay, okay, so I wouldn’t exactly start a new anti-teen pregnancy campaign around it, but it’s a well known fact in the TTC boards that traditional lube is a sperm deterrent and, when you’re doing everything to make the little guys feel welcome, an unnecessary deterrent is a big no-no.

PreSeed is a sperm-friendly alternative that naturally mimics EWCM (ugh. I hate that acronym). From what I’ve read it basically rolls out the red carpet and turns your uterus into the ultimate VIP lounge for the little guys. All sperm welcomed! The eggies are ripe and they are a waitin’!

Be warned that it is potent. A little bit goes a long way.

Wondfo Pregnancy Tests


Pregnancy tests are expensive. If you were to follow the recommended guidelines of waiting to test until the day after your period, then I’m sure it’s not a problem, BUT if you’re a POAS addict like myself (I promise I’ve gotten better!), then it’s easy to blow your entire paycheck on just pregnancy tests. That’s where buying pregnancy tests in bulk trough the internet comes in handy.

They’re low cost because there’s nothing to them. No plastic shield, no digital “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” – just a simple stick that may or may not have an extra line appear in the five minute time frame.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility


I first read Taking Charge of Your Fertility years ago when I was researching alternative forms of birth control. I re-read it when we first started trying last January. It’s a great book that every woman should read, full of great information on the female body and reproductive system.

Basel Temp Thermometer


I fought the idea of charting for a while. Having to take my temperature every morning sounded like too much work. But then I discovered I had irregular cycles and really had no clue what the heck was going on with my body. I start charting last April and immediately gained so much knowledge about my body and how it works. The data really is fascinating and I like having the confirmation that everything is working the way it’s supposed to.

Digital Ovulation Predictor Kit


There are cheaper opks on the market, but I always had a hard time reading them. The digital version is worth the splurge. The instant smiley face (or empty circle) is foolproof.

Fertility Friend App

ff app

Fertility Friend is a great app for tracking your cycle and charting. It predicts your most fertile days, when your period is due, and comes with a very supportive community. I’ve been using the app since last April and really love having all of my old data to look back on. It’s a free app, but you can pay an annual membership fee to unlock some special features (I’m a member and can personally attest it’s worth paying for the VIP membership).


^If only it was that easy. ^

So that’s what’s in my drawer of tricks. What’s in yours?

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