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Memory Maker Review

by Meghann on January 20, 2015

In 2013 I wrote a post regarding my experience with the Walt Disney World MagicBand.` In the short year since I pressed publish, the MagicBand program has continued to grow and expand (along with its MyMagic+ counterpart). Paper FastPasses are now a thing of the past, traditional room keys are no longer provided at check-in, and handheld MagicBand readers are now the norm with cast members. Basically, the MagicBand is now your official lifeline when visiting Walt Disney World.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to test out the latest rollout for the MyMagic+ program, the Memory Maker program.


Who remembers the days of taking photos with one of Walt Disney World’s many professional photographers and receiving a paper claim ticket after the photos were shot? (This set-up doesn’t just apply for WDW, it was pretty much the norm for any theme park at the time). You would collect your paper claim tickets around the park, and then at the end of your day (or the end of your vacation) you would take all of the paper claim tickets to one of the on-property photo shops and review all of your photos one-by-one. The paper tickets were eventually replaced with PhotoPass cards (which are still available) and now guests can even use their MagicBands to track their photos.

Taking it one step further, instead of purchasing photos one-by-one, guests can now pre-purchase a Memory Maker photo package that includes all photos taken at any of the Walt Disney World photo spots for one price. The Memory Maker package currently starts at $169 if purchased before the trip, and $199 if purchased during the trip. Most families end up with 100-500 photos per trip, so if you breakdown the price per photo in the Memory Maker Package versus what you pay individually, it’s really not bad.


Memory Maker includes unlimited downloads and is valid from the first day of your trip until 30 days after your first download.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 6.03.05 PM

Using the Memory Maker program to collect photos is pretty simple. The cast members would just scan my magic band when the photo was taken and it would automatically link my photos to my account. The program actually encouraged me to do more character meet and greets since I knew the photos were included.


I thought that you had to scan your MagicBand at each ride as well, but it turns out that as long as the Memory Maker package is connected to your MagicBand, all ride photos will automatically be uploaded to your account. If you’ve ridden the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train you probably noticed there isn’t an area to view photos after the ride. This confused me because I was told to expect a special treat from the ride in my account. A nearby cast member assured me that as long as I was wearing my wristband, the photos would still be linked. Sure enough, there they were.


Oh, and that special treat? A personalized video commemorating the ride. How cool is that?

I was told Tower of Terror has a video as well, but I didn’t have one attached to my account.

Memory Maker also includes additional images that highlight the photo location.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 5.57.26 PM

And you can add you own border and stickers to each photo.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 5.57.02 PM

All photos come with a Limited License agreement that grants you the right to print them wherever you’d like.

Honestly, it’s a really cool program and great for family vacations.

And if you’re like my husband, who finds it hilarious to outsmart the cameras on rides, then it’s also great for a few laughs post-vacation.




I could not stop laughing when I pulled all our photos up and looked at them side-by-side. Such a goof.



What do you think? Would you use Memory Maker? 

Full disclosure: I received a complimentary Memory Maker package. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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