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My Favorite Things of 2014

by Meghann on December 6, 2014

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to do a “My Favorite Things of 2014” post. Think of it as my version of a gift guide. These are all products that I use and love – they get the big Meals and Miles stamp or approval!

favorite things

Brooks Women’s PureProject Shelter Jacket

brooks jacket

Hands down my new favorite jacket. It’s lightweight, it’s cute, and very comfortable. You may have seen it pop-up recently at the 5K I ran last month, my Holidays at Disney post, and during my recent trip to Switzerland.


What really sold me on the jacket, was the unique reflective stitching that gives the jacket pinstripes when hit with a flash of a camera or the headlights of a car driving by at night. It also makes for a cool party trick.


Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf

Vinyasa Scarf

A former co-worker of mine was obsessed with her Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf. We were frequent travel buddies and she never traveled anywhere without it. It’s not normally something I would think to purchase on my own, but after a full year of hearing how much she loved it – and seeing how versatile it was – I randomly found myself in Lululemon shelling out the big bucks for one of my own. Clearly it was 100% worth the investment, as I’ve joined my co-worker in the never-travel-without-my-Vinyasa-Scarf camp. It’s soft, comfortable, and acts as a great pillow or blanket for traveling. I’ve seen tutorials on the million-and-one ways you can wear the scarf, but my #1 favorite use for it is a blanket on flights. It’s also bulky and warm, making it the perfect scarf for cold days and nights.


EOS Lip Balm


I’m usually not a lip balm girl, but I find myself oddly obsessed with the mint EOS Lip Balm. I currently have three: one for the office, one for my purse, and one for the house. It’s a silky lip balm that doesn’t leave your lips feeling heavy of waxy. I love it.

Bama + Ry Jewelry

bamary necklace

I’ve been a fan of Bama + Ry for a while (you can read my initial review HERE and the Bama + Ry gifts I purchased for my bridesmaids HERE). I’ve watched in awe as the brand has evolved and grown under the creator (Jasmine’s) watchful eye. The love and passion she puts into each of her original creations is inspiring. The jewelry is unique, beautiful, and I’m the proud owner of a handful of her hand stamped pieces (which I wear almost daily).

Check out her stuff at and use the code MILES20 for 20% off during the holidays. Be sure to order before December 12th to guarantee your purchase before Christmas.

Reflective Dog Collar/ Leash

reflective dog collar

I try to take Maddie for a 3 mile run 2 times a week. We usually run in the dark, and while I’m usually loaded up with reflective running gear, Maddie is not. I was searching for new collars for Maddie on Etsy and when I saw the reflective dog collars and leashes it was one of those A-Ha moments. I immediately purchased the collar (the leash is currently on my Christmas wish list).


I think she looks great and I feel a little safer running with her. As a bonus, the collar I purchased had all of her information engraved in the clasp so no more noisy name tags!

Essie Nail Polish

essie gold

Another new obsession my co-worker introduced me to last year. She basically showed me the light in terms of nail polish. Basically cheaper isn’t always better and Essie rocks. It stays on my nails longer, looks richer, and all the colors are fun. Plus, Essie nail polishes make great stocking stuffers.

Tip: My SIL recently told me you can find last season’s Essiecolors for half price at Marshalls! Of course, as soon as she told me I headed straight to Marshalls and stocked up. Essie nail polish is the best, but it’s also $$ – every little bit helps!

Apera Performance Duffel Bag


You can see my full review HERE. The Apera Performance Duffel Bag is my new favorite weekend bag/carry-on. Not only is it cute, but I like the additional pockets, especially the ventilated pockets on the side for running shoes or stinky running clothes. I love this bag so much, the Apera Tech Pack is on my Christmas list this year.

Goody’s QUIKSTYLE Brush


I have very thick hair that takes forever to dry. This brush is awesome for thick hair, as it helps remove moisture from the hair and allows it to dry a tad bit faster. It looks funny, but works great. It’s the perfect addition to your gym bag and makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone who hates spending a million hours blow drying their hair.

Stitch Fix Gift Card 

Stitch Fix has been another new obsession of mine this year.  You can read my full review HERE. Stitch Fix offer gift cards, which make great gifts for the clothes-lovers in your life (and who doesn’t love clothes?!).

So those are my top items from 2014. What are your favorite things from 2014? And what’s on your holiday wish list this year?

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